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The Enthronement

The Enthronement is a young adult fantasy romance filled with royalty romance drama, love triangle, love vs duty, and the right amount of swoon and life and death encounters to make a unique blend of fantasy action and romance. Fans of new adult fantasy romance will enjoy this series as well.

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The Enthronement
The Conviction
Five-hundred years bloody of civil war ends in massacre or redemption based on the heart of one actress who never wanted this power. 

Kascia is shattered when they ask her to join the Enthronement. She wanted nothing more than her planned out life performing at the theater and marrying the man she'd been betrothed to since she was a young girl. But she's left broken and unsure of her existence when the men in her life, who should have loved her, pressure her to join the Enthronement – a contest to prove one girl a true princess and marry the crown prince – so she can let her father's rebels in to assassinate the royal family. 
But Kascia loses all confidence in the truths she once held dear as she enters the palace and find the royal family are not the greedy slobs she'd believed whose ancestors had started a 500-year long civil war by raisi
ng the taxes to insane rates all at once. Taxes that are still in place. She doesn't just find the prince innocent and endearing, but the king is more a lovable slightly inappropriate grandfather than a hard-fisted tyrant. The queen isn't a cold overload but an elegant though overbearing mother anxious to protect her family and her people. 
Can Kascia let her father assassinate the royal family when they aren't what the people believe? If the royal family aren't encouraging the bloodshed, who is? Or is there a reason this spark between them is forbidden?  

Kascia must find the answers in time. But can she before the time runs out? Or will the blood be on her hands when the war kills every last man, woman, and child left in Purerah? 

The Enthronement is a young adult fantasy romance with dystopian and dark fantasy elements is sure to delight fans of The Hunger Games, The Enthronement, and Matched. Don't miss this best-selling fairytale retelling of The Princess and the Pea. 
Enter a world of glittering gowns, treacherous contestants, and royal secrets by clicking the Read Now button above and find the truth of 500 years of civil war. 
She must find her conviction or be convicted. 


Kascia Thorapple Custod has done the unthinkable. She betrayed her Custod duty, her father, her former life for a man she can't even be sure she'll win in the end, a man she is still unsure she can trust: the man she came to kill. But was that the right choice? Kascia still isn’t convinced. The truth is the taxes that are slowly killing her people are still in place and she cannot justify it even to herself why. 

Kascia must navigate the jealousy and dra

ma of the other girls in the Enthronement, pass the tests, and decide for herself if she's really going to dedicate herself to winning this game because she wants to or because going home to those she betrayed is a fate worse than death. 

The magic of the holidays has romance in the air, but Kascia is realizing how tight this competition might still be, not just to win the Enthronement but to win Prince Gavril's heart. Will she choose correctly or will her people's blood be on her hands? 

The second book in The Enthronement series fans of The Hunger Games, The Selection, and A Christmas Prince will love! A young adult fantasy romance set in a dystopian world with a twist of holiday romance thrown in fans and critiques have praised as a refreshing touch.  
Solve the mystery of who is right in this never ending civil war by clicking the Read Now button above.  
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The Emissary
In the thirst for love and power is there anyone you can trust?  


The Enthronement is down to fifteen girls, all determined to fight to win the competition and Prince Gavril's affection. The next round of tests will try the girls more intensely than anything they've faced yet. Four foreign nations are sending delegations to negotiate new trade deals with the royal family. And the Chosen Ladies of the Enthronement will play hostesses.  


Meanwhile, Kascia's struggling to know whom to trust. She may have won Prince Gavril's trust again, but can she trust him or any of her friends? She trusted her father with everything only to learn it was all a lie to use her as a pawn in his own twisted schemes. She must keep those feelings tight under control as she prepares to receive the delegation she's assigned, maintain the prince's trust in her, all while unsure who or what she truly is.  


If it was only her life on the line, perhaps she wouldn't be so anxious, but much more rests on her ability to pass these tests. Offending the visiting dignitaries could start a second war or drive their people deeper into debt and poverty. If she cannot discover who she can trust in time, she may kill the very people she's trying to save.  


Can she figure out whom she can trust while still passing each test of the Enthronement or will she fail and start a bloody foreign war on top of the 500-year civil war she's given her all to stop?  


The third book of The Enthronement Series. Fans of Hunger Games, The Selection, and Divergent will love this twisted dystopian fantasy romance full of intrigue, romance, danger, and glittering gowns and jewels.  


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