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The Enthronement

The Enthronement is a young adult dystopian fantasy romance filled with royalty romance drama, love triangle, love vs duty, and the right amount of swoon and life and death encounters to make a unique blend of fantasy action and romance. Fans of new adult fantasy romance will enjoy this series as well.

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The Enthronement
The Conviction
A mysterious prince. Centuries of war. Will she choose to love him or assassinate him? Choose wrong and she'll watch her people drown in their blood.

Kascia Custod's life is shattered when her father asks her to join the Enthronement, a contest of 'true princesses' that will decide the fate of her kingdom. Torn between her love for the prince, her rebel fiancé, and her duty to her people, Kascia must confront her fears and make the ultimate choice: love or duty?


As Kascia discovers the truth of the royal family and the centuries-old secrets that haunt her kingdom, she must find the courage to do what is required or watch her people bathe in their own blood.


If you're a fan of dark fantasy romance, slow-burn enemies to lovers, and epic fairy tale adaptations, you'll love The Enthronement. Enter a world of glittering gowns, treacherous contestants, and royal secrets by clicking the Buy Now button above and find the truth of 500 years of civil war.


Fans of The Red Queen, The Selection, and The Hunger Games series will find a home in The Enthronement. Buy now to uncover the truth.

She made her choice. But will her devotion to him be enough? She must find her conviction or be convicted.


Kascia has done the unthinkable. She betrayed her family and duty, but did she make the right choice? To prove her conviction and avoid execution, she must win the trust of the prince who might be her undoing. With the other girls in the competition determined to have her eliminated, Kascia must navigate the jealousy, drama, and secrets of the 500-year war in order to find the truth and save her own life.

The Conviction is heart-pounding, romantic, and full of suspense, The Conviction is the perfect follow-up to The Enthronement Series. If you enjoy dark fantasy romance books like A Court of Thorns and Roses, you'll love this thrilling sequel. Buy now to discover Kascia's fate.

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The Emissary
Kascia has a chance to win the throne, but can she trust her heart? Or will misplaced trust spell doom for her people?


Kascia's finally decided it is time to truly play the game to prove herself a true princess. As the Enthronement competition heats up and the tests become more treacherous, Kascia must decide who she can trust and who she can't. With her future, the future of her kingdom, and even the fate of the prince on her shoulders, the pressure is overwhelming. If Kascia fails, it could spell death for all she loves.


Enter a world of glittering gowns, treacherous contestants, and royal secrets by clicking the Buy Now button above. If you enjoyed The Selection by Kiera Cass, you'll love The Emissary.

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The Consort
The game must end. The Enthronement will end with her redemption or execution.


When everything finally seems to be going well, Kascia's securities are shattered once again. The king is dead and she believes at her father's hands. If she could prove it, perhaps she could get up the courage to tell the love of her life her father murdered his. But if she's wrong, she's putting her own heart on the line figuratively and literally. Is losing all she loves worth the risk?
Perhaps it would be easier if she had at least seen her beloved prince, but since the night of the king's death, he's more of a ghost than a man. With dangerous secrets all fluttering around the palace, Kascia can't keep her secrets long without watching those she loves suffer.
Can she win the Enthronement by telling the truth? Or will she watch all she'd worked so hard for be given to another? Find out
She longs to be free from secrets.
But if she confesses, it will be her heart and her head.
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