The Enthronement

The Enthronement is a young adult fantasy romance filled with royalty romance drama, love triangle, love vs duty, and the right amount of swoon and life and death encounters to make a unique blend of fantasy action and romance. Fans of new adult fantasy romance will enjoy this series as well.

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The Enthronement
The Conviction

One love betrayed her
Another threatens what's left of her heart
Can she survive?

Five hundred years of civil war have torn the once beautiful coastal kingdom of Purerah apart. Oppressive, heavy taxes have the people warring for change. For the royal family, that change is The Enthronement. A series of tests where fifty girls will come to the palace to prove themselves a true princess. She who proves true will marry Prince Gavril, the crown prince. But for those who want to overthrow the royal family, The Enthronement is a means to an end.
Kascia Thorapple Custod is a young talented actress who just wants her theater life, but her father has other plans. To please him and fulfill her family's ancient duty, she must give up her life and her first and only love to enter The Enthronement so they can remove the corrupt royals once and for all.
But can she pretend to love a man she hates? Can she stay in the contest long enough to fulfill her father’s plan? Or will she lose everything, including the last part of her heart?

 She may have betrayed them,
but her life depends on keeping their secret.

Kascia Thorapple Custod has done the unthinkable. She betrayed her Custod duty, her father, her former life for a man she can't even be sure she'll win in the end, a man she is still unsure she can trust: the man she came to kill. Prince Gavril is the only child of the king and queen who tax the heart and soul of her people. Yet they don't seem like monsters, but the truth is the taxes are still in place and she cannot justify it even to herself why.

Kascia must navigate the jealousy and drama of the other girls in the Enthronement, pass the tests, and decide for herself if she's really going to dedicate herself to winning this game because she wants to or because going home to those she betrayed is a fate worse than death.

The magic of the holidays has romance in the air, but Kascia is realizing how tight this competition might still be, not just to win the Enthronement but to win Prince Gavril's heart.

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