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The Enthronement

The Enthronement is a young adult dystopian fantasy romance filled with royalty romance drama, love triangle, love vs duty, and the right amount of swoon and life and death encounters to make a unique blend of fantasy action and romance. Fans of new adult fantasy romance will enjoy this series as well.

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The Enthronement
The Conviction
She never wanted this power. But her love decides if this bloody civil war ends in redemption or massacre. 

Kascia is shattered when they ask her to join the Enthronement. She wants to stop the horrific suffering of her people, but is it worth the cost of her heart and soul? When her father and arranged fiancé convince her to do whatever it takes to join the Enthronement – a contest to prove one girl a true princess and marry the crown prince – so they can assassinate the corrupt prince, she's left shattered and furious.

Wishing there was another way, Kascia submits her name for the Enthronement, crushing what's left of her heart. But when the royal family isn't the cruel tyrants Kascia expects them to be, uncertainty clouds her path, turning a clear directive into a dangerous minefield threatening to lead her and her people to their deaths. If the royal family isn’t encouraging the bloodshed, who is?

Will she uncover the truth before the time runs out? Or will the blood be on her hands when the war kills every last man, woman, and child left in Purerah?


The Enthronement is the thrilling first book in The Enthronement series, an epic fantasy romance series. If you like royal intrigue, will they/won't they troupes, and dystopian vibes, you'll love Charity Mae's enchanting tale.
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A deep betryal. A shattered heart. Will she find her conviction to restore her haert or lose all she's loved?

Betraying her father was never the plan. Even now, Kascia questions if it was the right choice. Then when the reluctant contestant's pride shatters the prince's trust, she's thrown back into a world of uncertainty, putting not only her neck but heart on the line.

Fighting not to shatter once more, Kascia seeks to find a solid answer who can save her beloved kingdom. Instead, more questions and uncertainty loom as Christmas brings romance for the prince and the other contestants. Dangers outside the palace begin to mount as whispers from the court and public opinion interfere with the Enthronement, threatening to throw Kascia back to the rebels who would see her dead.

Can Kascia find her conviction and win the prince's heart, or will those she betrayed demand her blood?

The Conviction is the tense second book in The Enthronement series. an epic fantasy romance series. If you like royal intrigue, forbidden romance, and swoon-worthy heroes, you'll love Charity Mae's enchanting tale.

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The Emissary
A determined contestant. A throne to win. Can she navigate the tests and learn who to trust, or will hidden enemies get her killed?


Kasica believed she could trust him. She took the risk and gave him her heart. But when foreign delegations come to test the girls, Kascia is confronted with questions about where the prince's heart truly lies.

Praying she's not misplaced her trust in him, Kascia negotiates dangerous interactions with the various foreign delegates. However, evidence of a traitor among her friends sends Kascia into a new spiral of uncertainty and despair. Who is truly her ally and who is out to stab her in the back?

Will Kascia find and trust those who can save her, or will this competition bring her beloved kingdom to its end?

The Emissary is the intrigue-filled

third book in The Enthronement series. an epic fantasy romance series. If you like royal intrigue, forbidden romance, and swoon-worthy heroes, you'll love Charity Mae's enchanting tale.

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The Consort
She'd sell her soul to fix his. But will her secret give her the pwoer or bring the kingdom ot its doom?


Kascia is desperate. Terrified after the king's assassination, this leading contender for the prince's hand is hurt and confused when the prince withdraws all attention and affection. Can she risk approaching him when it could result in her execution?

Struggling to keep her heart from shattering again, Kascia desperately searches for a way around the rules. But at every turn, instead of ways to safely reach her prince, Kascia uncovers dangerous plots from the royal court, the other Chosen, and even dark forces outside of the palace.

Can Kascia navigate the rules to stay in the game and save the prince, or will she and her people hang together?

The Consort is the suspenseful fourth book in The Enthronement series, an epic dystopian fantasy romance. If you like royal intrigue, desperate romance, and dangerous secrets, you'll love Charity Mae's engrossing twisted fairytale.

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