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Links for where to buy my books, behind-the-scenes features, and more for each of my series is listed below. We have the fairytale each fairytale retelling is based on, series discption, and more. My works focus mostly on young adult fantasy romance but cross into new adult fantasy romance and even cross into a more sci-fi world now and then.


 Please feel free to contact us with any questions. (Coming soon titles are subject to cover, title, and summary change at any point.)

The Enthronement (Series)
The Princess and the Pea Retelling

She never wanted this power. But her love decides if this bloody civil war ends in redemption or massacre.


Kascia is shattered when they ask her to join the Enthronement. She wants to stop the horrific suffering of her people, but is it worth the cost of her heart and soul? When her father and arranged fiancé convince her to do whatever it takes to join the Enthronement – a contest to prove one girl a true princess and marry the crown prince – so they can assassinate the corrupt prince, she's left shattered and furious.

Wishing there was another way, Kascia submits her name for the Enthronement, crushing what's left of her heart. But when the royal family isn't the cruel tyrants Kascia expects them to be, uncertainty clouds her path, turning a clear directive into a dangerous minefield threatening to lead her and her people to their deaths. If the royal family isn’t encouraging the bloodshed, who is?

Will she uncover the truth before the time runs out? Or will the blood be on her hands when the war kills every last man, woman, and child left in Purerah?

The Enthronement is the thrilling first book in The Enthronement series, an epic fantasy romance series. If you like royal intrigue, will they/won't they troupes, and dystopian vibes, you'll love Charity Mae's enchanting tale.
Buy The Enthronement to be swept away today.
The Custod Chronicles (Series)
A Merlin Retelling

What does it take to become the Merlin?

Cedrick Custod has no idea of his own power, and many would give anything to prevent him finding out. Worse. There’s one who seeks to exploit it.

Born into a family blessed by its creator with power and authority to protect the world from evil, you’d think Cedrick and his battle ability would be praised. Instead, his father belittles him and suppresses the magic at all cost. Cedrick would give anything to make his father proud of him, but no matter how well he does, he just can’t get his father to smile.

Meanwhile, outside the sorcerer Heklis is trying to find the last Custods and take control of this power. Cedrick must overcome his own doubts and uncertainties and harness his own power before it’s too late.

to darkness?

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