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About Charity Mae

Hi! Welcome to my page. Can I just say I'm so happy you're here? I don't know if you're here for funzies or for a paper you have to write or maybe a theory video or article you're working on. Either way, thanks for coming, and let's get into the nitty-gritty.


I've been writing since I was ten years old. I got into writing because I saw my older brother doing it, so I decided to try writing down my pretend stories, and found it was the most fun thing ever! I started these games as almost fan fiction that morphed into the Custod world I use for most of my stories today.


I specialize in fairytale retellings in more dramatic than fantastical styles, dealing with more political or the struggle of war angles than in pure wonder, but I make sure to have a healthy (whoops too much) dose of romantic and hopeful elements as well. This is why I end up writing a lot of young adult fantasy romance and new adult fantasy romance.


I feel stories should help us learn about relationships, people, the world around us, and teach us hope in how to handle the horrors life can dish out in a healthy, enjoyable escapist type of way. That's why I like young adult styles because it allows more exploration of learning than adult styles.


Some of my favorite books include Harry Potter, The Selection, Michael Vey, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, and lots more, but that should give you a feel for the styles I like. I'm also into classics like Shakespeare, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Phantom of the Opera, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Lord of the Rings (as hey it's a classic too). I struggled with reading as a child. I loved it but found it hard so audiobooks were my main way of stepping into new worlds. Still an audiobook fan!


I wrote my first book (the rough version of Rising) during my teen years, and published it while in college. It has since been republished and revamped as The Custod Chronicles Rising. I had plenty of time to learn my craft because I was homeschooled and so integrated my passion for writing with my studies. I graduated from Brigham Young University - Idaho with a degree in Media Marketing with a minor in English to help further my writing dreams.


I currently live near Mt. Sastha where I write most every day, watch lots of YouTube and movies, enjoy going to a musical now and then, and hone my passion for ballroom dancing.


To learn more check out some of my blogs, social media pages, or if you have a question for that theory or paper you're working on, shoot me a message and I'll get back to you asap.

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