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Kascia's "The Enthronement" Playlist

I originally wrote this as a guest blog post for The Enthronement's book tour release, but I thought you all might enjoy it as we are now two books into The Enthronement Series and the playlist for Kascia is evolving fast. So here are 10 songs that are on Kascia's playlist for The Enthronement.

For every book I’ve written every main character, mood, and theme ends up with a personal playlist sooner or later. I wanted to share Kascia’s playlist with you today. Kascia is the heroine of The Enthronement. I have her full playlist up on Spotify if you’d like to check it out. Kascia’s Playlist.

10. Rhythm of the Tambourine Hunchback of Notre Dame Musical

The reason I put this song on the playlist is it’s the song I picture her performing in the first chapter. It was an easy pick for that along with the second song on this list

9. The Phantom of the Opera – The Phantom of the Opera

This is the song she performs with her father at the opening of the book. It’s her favorite show to perform, showing her strong classical roots and foreshadowing much of what happens later in the book.

8. Because of You – Kelly Clarkson

I put this playlist in chronological order if there are songs that fit some parts of the book but not others, and this is one of those. The next few songs on the list capture Kascia’s frustration, hurt, and anger as her father and fiancé pressure her unto joining the Enthronement. The accusation that it’s “because of you” fit Kascia’s hurt state so well as she went through the first tests of The Enthronement.

7. The Magic of Love – Swan Princess 2

This song is also directed at her hurt over her fiancé Jake telling her to sign up and sleep with the enemy to win. She thought she meant the world to Jake only to find out he’d sell her for his cause any day. And she longs for the magic of the romance they once shared.

6. Whisper – Evanescence

This song well captures Kascia’s hurt confusion and anger as she enters the palace for The Enthronement. It popped on as I wrote many of those scenes and it just captured her inner turmoil perfect! (I promise not all these songs are sad.)

5. God Help the Outcasts – Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I chose this song for two reasons. One, it fits how Kascia feels as she learns more about the royal family and how much harder fixing this broken kingdom will be than she thought it was. Two, it’s the song she chooses for the talent show portion of the enthronement. She thought it would help her show how she felt and fit into the enthronement and perhaps may touch the royal family’s heart and spark some change.

4. Heaven Help My Heart- Chess in Concert

This song perfectly fits how Kascia feels in her love triangle. “Heaven help my heart” when she was in love she gave that love every second she had and lost, and yet she’s losing her heart yet again to someone dangerous who will likely shatter her once more. It reflects those mixed emotions well.

3. Everytime We Touch (Yanou’s Candlelight Mix) – Cascada

This one is the only 100% positive romantic song that made it into Kascia’s Enthronement playlist (later books that liekly will change). It captures the one perfect moment she has with her lover during the book, and every time I hear this song, I think of that moment for her. I picked this version because the softer more Broadway style vs the others fit Kascia’s style better.

2. Sick – Evanescence

This song is Kascia’s power song. When she decides she’s done letting her father and rebel cause bully her and those she cares about, this song is all about how Kascia feels at this point “Sick of it all”. And she’s holding on she will not follow and is going her own way. And her anger at them is well encapsulated into this song.

1. Burn – Hamilton Musical

I just had to put this one on for the end of The Enthronement. It captures Kascia’s anger and hurt at her father and former friends so perfectly. Because all they could think about was their cause and what they wanted and in doing so they crushed and ruined her. I have a feeling this is going to be one of Kascia’s favorite songs to perform after this.

And those are the ten main songs on Kascia’s Enthronement playlist. There are a lot more than the ten though, and the playlist shows songs that match the first book, so if you want to see more use this Spotify link: Kascia’s Playlist. And if you haven’t read The Enthronement yet you can find a copy wherever ebooks are sold. Never stop dreaming!


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