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The Consort

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The Consort is the fourth book in The Enthronement series. The Enthronement must end.  The Consort is a young adult fantasy romance bordering on new adult fantasy romance with spicy yet clean romance, royal romance to make one dream of princess life, a fairytale retelling of The Princess and the Pea that fans of The Selection, The Hunger Games, Red Queen, and Gail Carson Levine will eat up!

The game must end. The Enthronement will end with her redemption or execution.


When everything finally seems to be going well, Kascia's securities are shattered once again. The king is dead and she believes at her father's hands. If she could prove it, perhaps she could get up the courage to tell the love of her life her father murdered his. But if she's wrong, she's putting her own heart on the line figuratively and literally. Is losing all she loves worth the risk?
Perhaps it would be easier if she had at least seen her beloved prince, but since the night of the king's death, he's more of a ghost than a man. With dangerous secrets all fluttering around the palace, Kascia can't keep her secrets long without watching those she loves suffer.
Can she win the Enthronement by telling the truth? Or will she watch all she'd worked so hard for be given to another? Find out
She longs to be free from secrets.
But if she confesses, it will be her heart and her head.
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