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The Enthronement


The Enthronement is a young adult fantasy romance bordering on new adult fantasy romance with spicy yet clean romance, royal romance to make one dream of princess life, a fairytale retelling of The Princess and the Pea that fans of The Selection, The Hunger Games, Red Queen, and Gail Carson Levine will eat up!

A mysterious prince. Centuries of war. Will she choose to love him or assassinate him? Choose wrong and she'll watch her people drown in their blood.



Kascia Custod's life is shattered when her father asks her to join the Enthronement, a contest of 'true princesses' that will decide the fate of her kingdom. Torn between her love for the prince, her rebel fiancé, and her duty to her people, Kascia must confront her fears and make the ultimate choice: love or duty?


As Kascia discovers the truth of the royal family and the centuries-old secrets that haunt her kingdom, she must find the courage to do what is required or watch her people bathe in their own blood.


If you're a fan of dark fantasy romance, slow-burn enemies to lovers, and epic fairy tale adaptations, you'll love The Enthronement. Enter a world of glittering gowns, treacherous contestants, and royal secrets by clicking the Buy Now button above and find the truth of 500 years of civil war.


Fans of The Red Queen, The Selection, and The Hunger Games series will find a home in The Enthronement. Click read now to uncover the truth.

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