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The Enthronement


One love betrayed her
Another threatens what's left of her heart
Can she survive?

Kascia is shattered when they ask her to join the Enthronement. She wanted nothing more than her planned out life performing at the theater and marrying the man she'd been betrothed to since she was a young girl. But she's left broken and unsure of her existence when the men in her life, who should have loved her, pressure her to join the Enthronement – a contest to prove one girl a true princess and marry the crown prince – so she can let her father's rebels in to assassinate the royal family.

But Kascia loses all confidence in the truths she once held dear as she enters the palace and find the royal family are not the greedy slobs she'd believed whose ancestors had started a 500-year long civil war by raising the taxes to insane rates all at once. Taxes that are still in place. She doesn't just find the prince innocent and endearing, but the king is more a lovable slightly inappropriate grandfather than a hard-fisted tyrant. The queen isn't a cold overload but an elegant though overbearing mother anxious to protect her family and her people.

Can Kascia let her father assassinate the royal family when they aren't what the people believe? If the royal family aren't encouraging the bloodshed, who is? Kascia must find the answers in time. But can she before the time runs out? Or will the blood be on her hands when the war kills every last man, woman, and child left in Purerah?

The Enthronement is a young adult fantasy romance bordering on new adult fantasy romance with spicy yet clean romance, royal romance to make one dream of princess life, a fairytale retelling of The Princess and the Pea that fans of The Selection, The Hunger Games, Matched, and Gail Carson Levine will eat up!

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