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You Aren't Alone in Your Exhaustion. 5 Quotes to Help You Overcome and Feel Understood

Silence hangs over the room only pinged by the slight pink, pink, pink, of the keyboard. – Sounds magical right? It’s not. And let’s stop pretending it is because its only hurting those who are already wounded.

It’s 3:30am as I write this blog post. I’ve not had any caffeine drinking in about six months. I am not staying up on purpose. I am not a night owl who stays up all night. I am instead an insomniac. And not because of some other stress or disorder like depression or anxiety (not that I don’t deal with those now and then like any other normal human being), but because my disorder is my inability to fall asleep like normal people.

This post is for those of you who know what I’m talking about. Not the people who just live the lifestyle of no sleep. You know who you are. The ones who complain about how tired they are so they can boast they slept so little.

It’s for those rare few of us who actually have healthy sleep habits because they have to in order to survive and still don’t sleep. It’s for those people struggling with depression messing with their sleep cycles and making them insomniacs with us. It’s for those dealing with anxiety so bad it doesn’t allow them a second of sleep. And it’s for people just like me who can have life running perfectly apart from being unable to sleep after trying for hours, getting up every fifteen minutes to try the newest trick to fall asleep and taking a new sleep medication once a month.

As someone who has dealt with this disorder, prescription pills and all, all my adult life, I’ve found a few quotes I keep on my phone and planner to help me get through these times. I hope these quotes can help some of you dealing with the pain, stress, tears, anger, and determination that comes with the pain of being so ill in mind and/or body that you cannot sleep no matter how you try and wish it.

1. Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one. – Disney Pocahontas, Grandmother Willow

2. Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent of how I react to it. -- Charles Swindoll

3. I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. -- Stephen Covey

4. Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. -- Robert Louis Stevenson

5. Change your thoughts and you change your world. -- Norman Vincent Peale

These quotes have gotten me through days where I’m so tired my blood feels like it’s liquid led making it hard to even walk into the office from the car or from the front door to the car. They’ve filled me with the stubbornness I’ve needed to push forward and prove I am the master of my body and mind no matter how I feel. And I hope and pray it does the same for some of you.

Share your quotes in the comments and let’s help each other get through our chronic fight.


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