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Why I Loathe Editing (Spoiler: It's Not What You Think)

I hate editing. It’s no secret. I hate it with a passion. But not for the reasons you think. The fact is, I’m a method writer. I’ve talked about that before. But the real reason I hate editing is line editing. I don’t mind a good content editing that involves rewriting and reliving the scenes over and over. TO me, those edits are like going from script in hand, to rehearsal, to tech rehearsal, to dress rehearsal. Then we get to line editing.

Line editing, to me, feels like the fitting for the opening night. Yeah, not even a rehearsal. It’s when we get all dressed up as if we’re reading to perform, and we stand still while some really skilled but annoying dressmaker goes over our costume and takes in one part, let’s out another, does some touch up on our make-up, and all of that.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know it’s super important. I know it’s key. The truth is, I just hate the techy side of it. I’ve never had an editor be this kind, but in my mind, a line edit should look something like this. A google doc littered with red markings of changes that should be made. I look through the list and say apply or deny to them. Then I’m done. That’s it. I’d love that.

But I don’t know about you, but none of the line editors I’ve worked with like this. They make me do real work. They ask me to print out the whole book, they write in real red (Or blue) pen their notes. Content editing, I like this for just fine, but for line editing it means about 40 hours of work for me finding each pen mark, finding where they are in my document, and making those changes.

This is a short blog of me venting, but I mostly shared it as an explanation to the long wait between books. I can write a first draft easy. Book 3 is tentative schedules to come out May of next year, and draft one is done and draft two is soon to follow. The hold up is line editing It takes my editors a long time. Book 2 is stuck because I’m working full-time, in school full-time (last time!), and of course writing book 3, editing book 2, and keeping up on my brand. I’m busy.

So take this as a cute venting blog meant to say sorry it’s slow! Here’s why.

Now tell me what your least favorite part of reading a book is. I’ve told you my least favorite part of making it, what’s your least favorite part of reading it?


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