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Why Burning?

This week, to keep in line with this month’s theme of getting ready for The Custod Chronicles book 3, I am going to talk about where the title Burning came from for the second book.

It was really hard to pick a title for this book. I was a bit older when I worked on this title, but that didn’t help much. I knew it would be The Custod Chronicles... something. I wanted one word like I had for book one, but what?

The dragon theme was there from the beginning, so I worked through a few different ideas, Dragon’s Eye, Dragon Egg, Hidden Dragons, but none of them were right. Not only were they all two words, they didn’t capture the themes of the book well enough of uncovering the past. Hidden Dragons got close. So I tried, Uncover, Uncovering, Revealed, but none of those felt right. But then I thought about the overall story and how I came to Rising.

The phoenix has risen, and now it’s moving forward, progressing, finding new things and uncovering the past. It’s pressing forward. It’s, well, Burning as a flame. So Burning it became. And with the title I already knew I wanted for book 3, it was perfect.

But bet you’re ready to learn the title of book 3 now. If you don’t already know from Burning’s Preview. Or if you missed the reason for Rising’s Name, check it out at the link below.


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