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Why Ashes?

Now we’ve come to it. The title, cover, and release date are official and everywhere! To help celebrate, we’ve arrived at the closed. Ashes. Why call the final book The Custod Chronicles Ashes?

First off, once I choose Burning it was a no brainer. But I had Ashes in mind before I came up with Burning, so why Ashes?

Well, first it fits the theme of the Custods as phoenixes. The cycle of a phoenix is to rise from the ashes and flame, to burn, then fade into ash to repeat the cycle. The titles are the three main stages of a phoenix’s rise.

It also give the feel I need for the themes of this book. Ashes are what remains of a fire. Ashes are what’s left after the battle is fought and over. A world that has been ravished by war for a generation is not going to stand without some ashes and smoke.

Ashes complete the cycle. The look, feel, smell, connotation, all about it speak to the themes of this upcoming adventure.

Do you think Ashes is a good title? What does it make you think is going to happen? Find out May 5th of this year, and pick up your copy when it drops.

If you want to learn how I came to pick the other names, follow these links.


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