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What is Metallic Silver?

This is a little bit of lore often mentioned throughout the Custod world, but what is it?

Metallic Silver a unique metal only found in their world. It's a rare find with unique properties. It's mostly found inside or around volcanos. Some believe it is formed with the help of dragons. But there is no evidence of that.

One of its unique propellers is its power ability. In short, when the metal is first found, it is malleable. It can be made into whatever the forger wants it to be, but once it's in a certain shape, it will not retain its strength when melted into anything else. For example, if you made a sword from it, you could not get a good sense from its ore. However, you could melt it and made a dagger and it would keep its shape.

Some dwarves have mastered the art of changing it from one art to another, but it is a rare ability. The only non-dwarf who has managed it is Cedrick with his magic. But how he managed it, is a mystery even to him.

Perhaps we will have more to report when more is learned about it. Stay tuned to learn more about its rarer counterpart, metallic gold.


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