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What is Celeste Day?

Holidays in the Custod world are similar to our own in many ways, but some are quite different. One such example is Celeste Day, a holiday created so far back, the original Custod and Potentate. Its origins are simple and sweet. It’s not too different from our valentine’s day.

Who is Celeste?

The holiday is named after the queen it was made for, Queen Celeste. She was the first Potentate’s queen. Being the first Potentate ruler with a mandate from the creator to unite the many city-states into one kingdom, he was a busy king. This led to his equally busy queen feeling neglected. It was actually the king’s brother, the first Custod who noticed the distance and pointed it out to the king.

After some brotherly teasing, both men realized perhaps they needed to take some time aside to keep their marriages in line, so on the queen’s birthday declared it a national holiday to take off to take the time to strengthen bonds between spouses. And was celebrated annually ever on.

Celebrating Celeste Day

The day is a holiday to take the day off. The city centers and village squares will put on a dance for couples to attend and the palaces will host a ball, but apart from that, there are very few set-in-stone traditions on how to celebrate the holiday. Every couple is unique in what kind of activities would help strengthen their relationship.

Some will have a nice dinner, go for a walk, take a small vacation, and many will attend the party. Those still unmarried often will use the parties as a means to find someone to court or try to woo their current lover.

It’s a simple holiday. Sweet and to the point. A day set aside to strengthen your relationship with your lover. It’s seen as magical because anything could happen and anyway you and your lover celebrate is completely acceptable because it’s all about what works for you.

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