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The Merlin's Prophecy

This is one of the oldest pieces of literature in Emilimoh. It's the core of most of the religious beliefs in the known world and a key part of the Custod Code.

“Come little child, be still now. No tears.

And I'll tell you a tale to chase away fears.

Long ago in this world, still very young,

Two brothers were chosen, the moon and the sun,

The Father, He blessed them, their love to endure.

From them, shall be chosen a hero most pure.

For the darkest evil yet shall arise

Spreading its sin and breaking old ties.

Evil is stirring; men live to get gain.

Wickedness lives in hearts most vain.

But a match shall be found to shed forth it's light

It comes out of darkness to strengthen the fight.

Merlin, they call him, and so shall it be

A friend to you and a friend to me.

The Protector, he looks on the size of man's heart

For this, he was chosen, and set apart

To be the beacon, the world to see

To show the world how to be free

When the night is darkest and very dim

Then is the time to look to him.

Magics and heroes do bravely fight

But this one elect shall pass all their might.

Groomed by hardship, his heart will be true

His service shall bring all things into view.

He'll carry great burdens upon his back

To comfort the weary and give what they lack.

Born in magic and mortal pain

Evil and good be spoken of his name.

Of his life and birth, good and evil be had

Taking all goodness with the dread and the bad.

Light and evil meet as a sudden eclipse,

Placing might and magic at his fingertips.

Light and dark fight ‘til these powers combine.

The sun and the moon, their souls intertwine.

No greater evil shall man ever face

Than shall the Merlin, protecting us with His grace.

His death shall extend the victory

Of the battle won over space and sea.

For people, he’ll suffer. For people, he’ll die.

Greater pains never felt, his cry flies high

Torments, he weathers from a devil most cruel

Battles with life and death, they duel

His heart will be broken

His hands bear the Martyr’s token

His eyes emptied of all their fire

His heart be stilled

Broken, as the Protector once was

Friendless, don’t waver from the cause

Betrayal, pierces his heart

Hated, he still does his part.

Healed, he rises as the sun

Kinship, these battles he’s won

Loyal, he’s caring still

Loved, erasing all ill.

His sign is the sun, rising and setting

The sacrifice he gives, unregretting

Bound with the moon, unbreakable

Righteous power given, unshakeable.

His power brings judgement of the purest kinds

The good he protects, and devils he binds.

His hand extends in mercy too,

Giving old sinners life to live new.

No evil can conquer. All devils give way.

His power shall stand from day to day.

They call him Merlin, and so shall it be

From now, and throughout eternity.”

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