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The History of Englaria and Spearim’s Rivalry

Cedrick has learned a lot about politics lately, but the biggest thing is that Englarish and Spearimish do not like one another! Why? It’s a very long and yet very short story.

The main one is their first kings did not like one another. Englaria and Spearim are some of the earliest kingdoms of this world. Their kings were twin brothers who both wanted the throne. To appease them, their father created the two kingdoms for his sons to rule. And for many years it brought peace.

But their “different cultures” brought war. At least, if you ask the people who live there that’s what they say. They will say their kingdoms are just too different and the other is full of evil selfish people. The truth is, their cultures are quite similar. They just have inherited a sibling rivalry that has lasted generations. It has become part of their heritage to dislike one another.

When the tensions were at their highest, (about 500 years before Cedrick was born) each kingdom went through the effort of building a wall on their board, on either side. There is a border wall on Spearim’s side and one on Englaria’s side. It’s a famous dare to tell someone to swim the border river to see what is inside the 20-foot gap between the two walls. And many say they’ve done it, but the rumors of what is between vary from just a bunch of weapons and bodies to a whole pit of monsters.

In building these walls, there were many attempts to sabotage the other which cause more tensions between the kingdoms. Tentative peace has been brokered between the nations many times. But in the end, one or the other breaks it.

Today, the loathing isn’t escalated to violence often. Heklis rule has a different enemy in mind, but tensions could break out between these two nations at any time. Something Custods are all too aware of.


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