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The Custod Traditions: Pt 1.

The Custods have a code. They also have many traditions on how to follow that code. So here are a few traditions that help them keep the code. Here are a few fun highlights.

  1. Custods start their training at five years old, mostly through games such as tag, capture the flag, and other games that help them learn to run, get fit and start strategizing.

  2. Custods take their test between the ages of fourteen to sixteen.

  3. The test is passed after the test-taker returns to their family.

  4. When a Custod has passed his/her test, their father presents them with a Custod knife/dagger to mark them as part of the group.

  5. The Head Custod leads with the eldest son of his second brother as his right hand. A team of the elite are chosen to work under him by the choice of the Head Custod.

  6. Items of note are collected and kept in the Custodian archive.


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