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The Custod Code: An Overview

The Custods have family traditions but they also have the formal code to follow. This isn't a complete list, but here are some key highlights of that code that Cedrick and his family have to follow.

  1. Custods are to be defenders of the innocent in the Creator's ways with no ties to any one nation, people, or culture that would prohibit them from defending the masses as a whole.

  2. Custods must be battle-ready at all times. Anything that might prevent this is forbidden. (For example, Custods are forbidden to drink. It is well known among them that if they do, it's like weak poison to them. One drink is enough to get them wasted as if they'd drunk a whole bottle. Alcohol poisoning happens faster and at much more serious levels if they continue.)

  3. Keeping the line alive takes precedent over all of all other duties. If in chance, only one Custod is left alive, he/she is to halt all other tasks to devote him/her self to replenishing the line.

  4. To be counted a fully endowed Custods, all Custods must pass the Test by being given the compass that directs a Custod on their personal quest. A Custod is still considered in training or a minor until such time as they pass.

  5. The Head Custod is a position handed down from oldest son to oldest son. He is the one to enforce the code, direct the Custod activities, and deem when a Custod is ready to take the test.

  6. Women Custod can choose to take on the full rights and duties of the other Custods or choose to be a protector of the home. When she is fourteen years of age, she is to choose, but once the choice is made, there is no going back until such a time as they are married and the choice is presented once again.

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