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The Custod Chronicles A History

Did you know there is a hidden set of short stories about the Custod world? A lot of people have missed it. At the end of both The Custod Chronicles Rising and The Custod Chronicles Burning there is a link to sign up to get these ebooks emailed to you for free. You can download it to Kindle, Apple Book, Google Play, or any other major ebook format, even PDF if that’s your jam.

But what is in these short clips? The whole “book” is broken up into three parts with three stories each.

If you get the link from the back of The Custod Chronicles Rising, you’ll find these stories.

  • The Calling of the Brothers

  • The First Darkman

  • Arylana and Mercutio

If you use the link from the back of The Custod Chronicles Burning, you’ll get,

  • Lieutenant Liam

  • Dickerson

  • Roxorim and Airabelle

And if you use the link that will be available at the back of The Custod Chronicles Ashes you’ll find

  • Alburn’s Tale

  • A Family Man

  • The Call of the Phoenix

What do you think? Which story are you looking forward to reading most, or if you’ve read the first few, which did you like best? Tell me in the comments, and stay tuned for even more news, lore, and adventures from The Custods in the coming months.


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