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The Custod Chronicles: A History

Tradition, faith, and dedication is what makes a true Custod. Family tradition is a key element of the Custod's success. But where did those traditions come from? In the main series, I didn't get much time to explore the history of the Custods with you. Nor did I get to tell some of the more interesting backstories to some of the side characters. Family is a key element to this series, and there are a lot more family connections hidden under the surface of this series.

This is why I compiled a few of these into short summaries and stories that you can download for free. If you bought a copy of Rising or Burning since the release of the second book, there is a link in the back of all formats to download a free ebook of those stories. Each book has its own set of three.

But I know many of you may have bought the books before these were added. So I wanted to send you this brief blog to give you the chance to sign up and get these copies. The links are blow.


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