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The Couples of The Custod Chronicles

Happy Valentine's day! Here are some fun facts about our main couples in The Custod Chronicles up to this point.

1. Margorim and Eldalane: They met when Margorim was assigned to guard her to prevent war between Spearim and Englaria. They were married about five or so years later after writing to each other and visiting when they could during that time. They spent most of their married life away from the world and had three children before Eldalane died. Eldalane's main goal was to find a suitable nickname for Margorim.

2. Cedrick and Elphacena: They met after Elphacena's uncle, Jarbo, sent Cedrick to learn magic from her. Though in many ways, she felt she learned more from Cedrick than he from her about magic. They still often have the teacher/pupil relationship but with a little added spice. Cedrick's goal is to give Elphacena the life she always wanted and the family she never had.

3. Roxorim and Airabelle: They met when Roxorim went to convince the head Keeper to come and crown him king. Airabelle was key in helping him convince Keeper Joel to come and do the ceremony in public view. She had always dreamed of seeing the world so Shota, Joel's wife, begged Roxorim to bring Airabelle with him when he returned. She worked in the royal staff, and even for Roxorim directly before the supposed loss of his brother and father reminded Roxorim of how fragile life is and asked Airabelle to marry him.

4. Arylana and Mercutio: This one is a wild ride. Mercutio found Arylana a powerful warrior and a good leader. He sought her help when they first arrived. They became close friends, and Mercutio started looking for more. That's when Arylana realized what was happening and panicked. She was scared of her life thrown into change and decided she wasn't a lady Custod, but she had to be like one of the boys to defend herself. Mercutio sees her powers are better filled when she's letting herself be herself. He has tried many tactics, being silly, belittling, snarky, begging, trying to empower her, and all else he can think of to get her to feel her true power.

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