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The "Bread Basket" of Emilimoh

The landscape of the Custod's world has not been well explored yet. But today, I'm going to share a little about one of the most unique landscapes known to its people. It's nicknamed "The Bread Basket" because it produces all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and grains that don't grow in as much abundance as other places if they grow there at all.

However, one unique feature of the world is the eastern section. The large Border River divides an island of land from the mainland with many small streams running through it as water drains from that river down the higher elevation island to the ocean. As shown here:

Two nations dwell in this area and are constantly warring for more land here: Spearim and Englaria. These nations make most of their wealth trading their unique harvests with Emilimoh and other nations.

The higher and lower elevations of the island allow for different kinds of food to be grown year-round. The ocean nearby also allows for a lot of fishing and hunting that isn't possible for those more inland. They can grow high land foods as well as low land foods. This is why relationships between Spearium and Englaria are paramount to the young kingdom of Emilimoh. Most of all with their constant war, it's hard to get and keep supplies for their people as well as their armies.

I hope you enjoyed the brief history of a key feature of the land. If you'd like more like this, subscribe for more. And check out "The Custod Chronicles: A History" by using the link and the back of your copy of The Custod Chronicles: Rising and for part two use the code at the back of your copy of The Custod Chronicles: Burning.



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