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The 50 Chosen of The Enthronement

Welcome to The Enthronement!

If you weren't with me before The Enthronement was released, I doubt you were able to see the daily features on all 50 contestants of The Enthronement that I posted leading to the release of The Enthronement. So I put together all the specially made DevineDoll Dress up designs I did for each contestant. now they aren't perfect, as I was limited by a dress-up game (I do love those games), but I thought it would be nice to have a little bit about each of them and an artistic idea of what they might look like as so many we don't really get to see in the books (You have no idea how much content was cut for pacing reasons).

And it's my 100th blog! So extra celebrations!

So here they are! The 50 Chosen of the Enthronement.

50. Meet Bellatrix

She considers herself lucky to be here as she knows full well as number fifty she just scraped by. But she’s a happy, bubbly girl with the beauty to rule. She is confident she can prove she should have been higher up the list. She’s sure it was because of her work handling animals on a farm, mostly pigs that made her so low.

49. Meet Veronica

Beautiful, graceful, and stubborn. Perfect princess material and perhaps a good match for Prince G

avril’s personality, or so the queen believes. She was a sweet shepherdess before she joined the Enthronement and has compassion for those she oversees which also might be the kind of queen her people needs as well as the prince.

48. Meet Pamia

Has the skills to handle a royal budget, but she needs to learn to control her mouth. She’s chatty and is good at holding an interesting chat but not so much at being gentle in her opinions. This can be taught though, and her elegance and organizational skills cannot be denied, winning her slot in The Enthronement.

47. Meet Ashley

Is the funniest of the girls, and her jokes and warm nature certainly impressed the king, if not the queen so much. She knows how to turn a frown upside down, and perhaps is a bit of a prankster, but she’s not shown that inclination yet. Though she is graceful and beautiful, that joking nature could get her into trouble.

46. Meet Cloue

The sweetest farm girl you’d ever hope to meet. She cleans up as a princess perfectly, and her sweetness cannot be denied, rivaling some classic princesses of history. She has the skills to manage a palace in managing farm work, but if she has way it takes to run a kingdom verses a farm remains to be seen.

45. Meet Lana

She’s smart and is known as the “perfect child” of the girls. Though most of the other girls find this rather annoying about her, but it certainly got her a place in the Enthronement. She seems to have walked right of a book about the sweet girl in class. It makes some nervous, but the royal family trust the tests to help guide them to if she is as true as she seems.

44. Meet Isobella

She seeks justice for those suffering in Purerah. She is quite the activist and some worry perhaps a bit too radical for the role of princess, but her true desire to help her people and willingness to obey the rules. She’s never done anything illegal as far as anyone knows, and so they are willing to give her a chance.

43. Meet Ellie

She considers herself lucky to be here as she Certainly knows how to intimidate the opposition and yet charm those she needs to. She is able to use her profession working with animals as a veterinarian to have pleasant conversations about all the little cute one she takes care of. For someone not in politics, she knows her way around a negotiation.

42. Meet Cadella

Stands out for her stature of a queen. She knows how to look and dress the part. She also knows the ins and out of the nation well being a map maker for the hiking trails across the kingdom. She shows a wisdom beyond her years which is something the future queen of Purerah is going to need.

41. Meet Caitlyn

An elegant beauty who certainly does not fit the stereotypical Purerahian royal, but her sweet temperament and happy attitude made it hard not to include her in the Enthronement. She’s good at making a sale even if its of her own merits. She worked in a tourist shop and knew how to get the most value for her store and the customer.

40. Meet Rhonda

She is a clever artist. Her paintings are stunning and show her pure and caring heart. She is well read and her education helps her stand out among the girls. She does have one flaw that she hopes will fade over time. She does not like crowds, and fifty girls in the Enthronement makes quite a crowd, making it hard for her to show her true beauty and talent and stand out from the rest.

39. Meet Rachel

Grew up in an all-boy household and it shows. She’s confident and doesn’t take any crap from anyone. She has the command of a royal, and the confidence, but can she prove her no-nonsense attitude is enough to make her princess?

38. Meet Katy

Is a restaurant owner and it shows. She is organized and a bit too confident in bossing others around, but owning a business in the war-torn kingdom is an impressive feat. She believes that made her noble even before the Enthronement and insists on being treated as such. She’s clever and has a plan to win.

37. Meet Flornace

A beautiful and smart girl, who is elegant and beautiful. She is well versed in the law as she was a lawyer before the Enthronement, so losing for her wouldn’t hurt her job standing at all now she has ladyship. But she’s seen so much injustice in her life that she’ll do anything to make it right. She is ready for more than simple lawyership. She’s ready to govern.

36. Meet Prisa

Is a strategist. She has the skills it would take to help stop the rebel forces once and for all, but perhaps she is too forceful, but only the Enthronement tests will tell. She is taking her new ladyship seriously and is glad that her true station in life has been proven. She was a dishwasher in a popular tourist restaurant in Roselpa before she joined the Enthronement. She always knew she was born for more.

35. Meet Micalya

She is one of the most friendly of the of the Chosen girls. Her family is from Sedeh, but she was born and raised in Purerah. She loves the greenness of the country and has a devotion to this land she’s been raised in. She has the grace of a princess and hopes to prove she has more.

34. Meet Heather

Truly has the beauty of a princess and the confidence, but she has to work on her organizational skills. She is good with her hands, twisting and braiding stunning ropes as well a rugs and other trinkets in her free time. However, she can also be seen working to detangle those strings a lot when she doesn’t put them away properly.

33. Meet Elice

Is a strong woman. She was a show fencer before she joined the Enthronement, traveling around to show off her elegant swordsmanship. And this summarizes her personality well. She’s confident, a tad forceful, but elegant. Yet she also clearly has a bit of a dislike of having to follow the etiquette of a princess which makes many wonder why she joined the Enthronement at all.

32. Meet Payge

Is highly intelligent and curious. She likes to get the answers out of people and understand their world. The other girls joke she was a reporter before she joined the Enthronement, but she actually was a scribe for the mayor of Wellasyth. She’s friendly and bubbly but sometimes her habit of interrogating people can get annoying.

31. Meet Jaine

Jaine is a tad bit nervous, but she has an elegance and hidden confidence that slowly comes out in her as she gets comfortable. This partially comes from her being a maid for a nobel family before she joined the Enthronement. She’s slowly becoming more confident as the Enthronement goes on.

30. Meet Aqueela

One of the most driven girls of the Enthronement. She’s dedicated to her work no matter what work she does. She was a doc manager and was known for her talent in management and how she was more compassionate to her workers than most. She’s set to become princess and has dedicated herself to becoming that.

29. Meet Lark

Is a lady whose name suits her well. She loves music and books. She plays several instruments. Though music and opera are her passions, she works as a florist and adores flowers and growing things. She loves the smell of a healthy greenhouse and even more the lovely music she can fill them with.

28. Meet Larin

Is elegant and intelligent. She is a perfumer and knows how to draw people in. She has a way with people that impressed the royal family. She’s eager to prove herself a princess and help turn the tide of this war. She’s been hurt from both sides and wants to bring justice.

27. Meet Rhosan

Has the confidence of a queen and the elegance of a champion. She’s an impressive artist, working with work in carpentry mostly. She is a strong lady with a beautiful pride about her that impressed the royal family though it annoys her fellow Chosen. They would call her confidence smugness.

26. Meet Daisy

Is a talker! She loves to talk and to listen and to have a conversation. Though when she gets excited perhaps she talks too much, but she’s compassionate and sweet. She loves cats and dogs. She adores her pets and her people. And is loving the dresses she gets to wear.

25. Meet Ayesha

A tender lady who is a sweet as Cinderella. She had enough of her life as a maid in a big city hotel. She wanted more for her life and to get away from being seen and not heard. She is used to the violence of the war and has come into the Enthronement to find escape from it in any way she can.

24. Meet Hawi

Is one of the boldest of the Chosen girls. She has the courage to face the wars and conflicts this kingdom faces with the grace of a queen, but perhaps she’s too forceful for a people who are tired of being pushed around as it is. But she comes off with a regal grace and her boldness is that of a ruler.

23. Meet Nicholl

Is curious and clever. She like to know what she’s getting into and have control over it. She studies animals and her environment to help it thrive even through these hard times which is important to the key tourist trade in Purerah. She’s seen much of this war first hand and is ready to see it end.

22. Meet Carleilee

She’s a beauty and she knows it. She is tired of being looked down on as little more than a fancy scribe, but her work as a Calligraphist has gained the attention of many a noble in court. She’s nothing if not detailed and passionate in her work. She loves what she does but has had enough of being thought of as a lower-class citizen.

21. Meet Hanna

A tender personality but by no means shy. She is sensitive to those around her but doesn’t mean she knows best how to handle it. She carries herself like a lady and has many traits such as decisiveness and confidence that are key for a princess. She doesn’t like being told want to do and mostly keeps to herself.

20. Meet Marigold

Is a no-nonsense kind of lady. She likes to joke around, but its her way or the highway. She was a fisher before she joined the Enthronement and that kind of decisiveness not only makes her a good candidate for princess but a powerful lady. She is from the islands and likes to spend time with Kamala and Marigold.

19. Meet Latana Chosen 19/50 in #theenthronementseries

One of the most beautiful girls of the Enthronement. She was a toymaker before joining the Enthronement and specialized in making plushies, most of all teddy bears. She’s sweet and confident, sure her Snow White like beauty will win her the prince.

18. Meet Kamala

She exudes confidence that make some other girls uneasy. She has a strong voice and can be heard a little too easily in the Ladies’ Chambers. She’s from one of the Island Provinces of Purerah and worked in the sea food market before the Enthronement. She gets along well with Marigold and Hawi.

17. Meet Isla

Everyone who meets her would call her a woman of faith. She reads her cannon daily and expresses her faith in speech and action. She was an acrobat by trade before joining the Enthronement and everyone says she should run a sanctuary one day.

16. Meet Violet

Is a bubbly little redhead who is head-over-heels in love with Prince Gavril. She’s a sweet girl with the heir of a young princess. She loves games, collecting plushies, and riding horses. She grew up running her family stables and dreamed of riding royal stallions. Her favorite part so far has been the make overs.