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Summer 2021

Are you excited for summer? I'm sure you all are already neck-deep in your summer plans. It's almost June, and I'm getting ready for some great summer fun I hope to share with you.

To start, I might take a weekend trip, but with my day job, time off is not exactly easy to come by, so I'll be staying put mostly, but that doesn't mean I won't be having fun! I've got lots planned. First, by the end of summer, the first draft of The Enthronement should be in my editor's hands, and I couldn't be more excited and sad. The first draft is when I get to love and live with these characters. I want you all to enjoy them too, but by the time you get them, my time with them is done, and that's really sad for me. But I can't wait to see how much you all love it!

Also will be getting down and dirty with those YouTube videos. That I am way excited for. Please remember to review our blog about The Mistress of Lore page and tell us what kind of video content you'd like to see. We are going to work extra hard to answer everyone's questions and give you all the content you ask for (within reason, okay, don't be crazy.)

I also hope to get fit! I hope to get swimming, dancing, and doing the things I love to get moving so my time at my writing desk and recording studio will be the most productive. I want to be able to dance on pointe again starting in 2022. Wish me luck!

And of course, summer reading! What will you all be reading? Got any recommendations? Post them in the comments, and I'll try to get to them and review them next month where we'll mostly be talking about our summer reading!

Now the most important thing. What will you all be doing this summer?


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