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Puppy Paws or Kitty Claws?

Cat or dog?

I’m getting ready to move towards the end of the year on top of publishing The Custodian Chronicles Burning, and of course Thanksgiving itself. It is going to be one crazy November for me, but a big part of why I’m moving is to get into a place where I can finally get a mascot for us! I’m leaning towards a dog, but I figured I should ask you all your thoughts.

Would you rather cat or dog and why? What breed of dog if a dog? What kind of cat if it’s a cat?

I am leaning toward a dog, but I need a breed that isn’t too big, medium energy. Enough that he’s happy at home to play with himself until I get home but plenty of energy to go for a walk and play when I get home from my day job.

So what breeds of dog should I look for? And if you really think a cat would better talk me into what.

Let the fight begin! Cat or dog.


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