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Neat Updates!

I started a new job this week making my time rather limited. So I decided to be simple today and share with you the new upgrade on the home page. I know they’ve been up for a long time but figured going through the keys of them for people to look at later may help.

I’ll try to always have updates on three of my projects up at the top of the home page at a time. The one closet to the release date is on the far left. The circle will show progress of the current stage we’re working on: first draft, second draft, author edit 1-5, content edit, content review, proofread, proofread review, beta, publishing, and then done! The bar at the bottom is overall progress toward publication.

It’s a simple and basic system, but I always go to author websites to see updates on when to expect the next book. So now even if I don’t have a date for you all, you can see the progress I make. I update it every Wednesday to let you see the progress.

Comment any questions or thoughts you have below on to my social media channels.


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