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My Top 10 Video Games

I am a newer gamer. I only really started proper gaming in the last few years. As a kid, I was allowed only educational video games on PC and handheld Nintendo system with pretty much just Pokemon or games my parents approved. So the first 5 on this list are old, and likely many of you never have heard of them. So this list will be interesting. Let me know if you've played these and if so what you thought of them.

10. Jump Start 3rd Grade Mystery Moutain: I know so many random historical facts from playing this game! It was just fun to learn so many random things while playing a silly game. I also learned about how to figure out the AI of a game to win it faster. It was surprisingly fun, and I got to do this in place of some school projects. I was homeschooled, so this was allowed often, so I was happy to the game instead of doing paper homework.

9. Clue Finders Grade 3: Yeah, I told you this was all I was allowed growing up. I have fond memories of playing these games over the summer as my 'school' and even during the school year playing some of their math games as part of my math hour (being homeschooled is fun if you can.) I liked the ending, mathra, and the mythical feel of the story and funny plants that were knock off of the Beetles.

8. Clue Finders Grade 5: I liked this one better with the island section full of historical people and even more the under the sea world you got to explore while I did my school work. Gaming for school, yes, please!

7. Star Wars DroiWorks: I loved building droids and testing them out in so many different places! It was a ton of fun as a kid, and my brother would play with me and beat me at it all the time. It was such a good time!

6. Minecraft: Not the biggest fan of this game, but it is fun to watch people play and it's so relaxing to just clear land and terraforms and builds things. I've used it to help me make places in my books all the time. I just like it's simple gameplay and constant updating.

5. Nancy Drew by Her Interactive: I played a lot of these with my sister. She was Nancy, and I was just some random side character, often actually pretending to be Cedrick from my first series with her. It was a blast. We just were as silly as we wanted, accused people, and messed with the characters. I have so many fond memories of playing those with my sister. I will always love playing them.

4. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: I played this over and over in co-up mode with my brother growing up. I was always the arrow girl (so you could say Katniss I guess) and I enjoyed it over and over. It had fun combat. It was a blast to work on strategies to win as a team with my brother, and I have no complaints about it. I love playing that game.

3. Pokemon Sword/Shield: Hate me if you want, but really enjoyed having a handheld Pokemon game finally be on a home console. Pokemon was the only real gaming I was allowed as a kid and being able to revisit Pokemon as a proper gamer was awesome. It's not perfect. I wish I had a full Pokedex for sure, but I like the new region a lot. I like the wild area, and I surprisingly like max raid battles, most of all with friends.

2. Pokemon Emerald: This was my first video game not on a PC. I loved playing it over again. I liked the relaxing style of playing Pokemon in general, and I liked the ancient idea of being the chosen one who has to capture the legendary save the world. Yes, Pokemon using this over and over, but this was my first game with that and I loved it.

1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - This was my first real video game. I played it on my Switch as the first game I got. And it captured me! I love immersing myself in the story, and the relaxing grind of resource gathering, the simple, yet complicated combat style, the open worldness of it. I just love everything about it! The best game I've ever played by far. I will never get enough of it, and yes, I'm so stinking excited for its squeal. I could talk all day about how much I love this game!!!

Have you played any of these games? If so, did you like them? Why or why not? Most of all the older educational games. I thought it was fun to show my childhood gaming compared to modern gaming. Did you play any of them? Tell me and what some of your favorite games are so I can give them a try.


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