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My Top 10 Pokemon

I plan on doing more of these video game theories, and so I thought I'd share some more of my favorites to let you get to know my tastes. I actually took the classic test from Dragon Fly Cave. Take it and tell me some of your favorites. This list doesn't match the one dragon Fly gave me, but they got real close.

10. Hatterene - A new pokemon who I love for its a fairytale inspiration. I don't like it's first two forms very much, but I love the witch and princess origins it has. It's the true woman, villain, and good guy of all classic fairytales, and for that I love it.

9. Dragapult - I love its whole line! A ghost dragon that launches it's babies off its head? I love it. It looks so cool and cute, and it's typing is great. Love him. I like picturing the motherly/fatherly personality it has for the babies on its head.

8. Kyogre - I love legendary pokemon as a lover of mythology and lore. And Kyogre was my very first! So it has a soft spot in my heart. I also love the ocean and Orcas, when they aren't killing sharks, so I knew Kyogre would be on this list somewhere.

7. Morgrim - I like this whole line for the same reasons I love Hatterene, but Morgirm wins its line because the colors and wicked sharpness of it looks awesome. I actually found it's final form a bit of a disappointment. It is just so solid as a goblin and evil magic fairytale Pokemon. And the King Arthur story behind its signature move is awesome!

6. Latias - This hails back to my childhood. I love Latias as a dragon you can ride, and it's gentle nature from the movie it's in. I just love it. It was just the me Pokemon in my mind as a child. I always wanted one, and I loved riding her in ORAS.

5. Dusk Form Lycanrock - I thought this Pokemon would be higher, but it just made it into the top 5. I love it's almost legendary form. I like the colors, and my Aja is my monster in competitive play. So my Aja is my favorite.

4. Zacian - I love wolves and dog-like Pokemon. And I love the legend of Zelda, so take a wolf, mix it with the master sword and make it look more Pokemon like and boom, Zacian. I love it. Most of all as the blue is close to Link's tunic in Breath of the Wild. Those the wings and tail are annoying. I also love that this might be the Morgana to King Arthur that is Zamazenta. That is cool. She's the Morgana, Master Sword, wolf. What's not to love?

3. Meltan: I HATED this Pokemon when it was revealed, but then I saw it move. And then it was so stinkin' cute! I adored mine in Pokemon Go then in Let's Go Eevee. Then I just loved how cute and small and hungry it was. Then I saw the Sun and Moon anime, I was hooked. It's my baby, you can't have it.

2. Bolthouse: The real Sword and Shield starter! Honestly, I treated it like my starter. And I realized it's totally the Pikachu of this region! Either way, I love dogs, and my Navi is a beast as my starter and in competition. I love its unique dog design not easily being any particular breed of dog. It's my buddy, and I love it for all the good times we have and will have in the new games.

1. Absol: It's from my first game, it has a tie to legendary Pokemon in all regions since it was made. It's a mix of a dog and a big cat. I love the dark type. And it's just an epic Pokemon. I've always had one when I could. It's a misunderstood Pokemon trying to warn us of the bad fate coming from the legendary Pokemon. I hope that's why it's in the Crown Tundra. I love this Pokemon! That's why it's my number one.

But I have an odd list. Almost no one has these Pokemon on their lists. What are you favorites and why? Tell me in the comments or on social media at @CharityMaeWrits


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