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My Pokemon Gym: Sword and Shield

I love Pokémon lore. It was the only video game I was allowed to play growing up. I’ve branched out since, and other games have taken its spot as my favorite, but the Pokémon YouTube community and lore specialists have made me love it. Their videos and incite have made me a better writer.

I decided to share with you one of the things I’ve always wanted to do. Show myself as a key player in a Pokémon game. I decided to go with the newest series: Pokémon Sword and Shield. And talk about who I would be and what my team would be like.

For today’s blog, I decided I’ll show you what kind of gym leader I’d be. I’d be a final gym leader. But with the team I choose for my theme I decided not to go with a type theme. Instead, I’m all about dog Pokémon. I’ve always dreamed of being a dog trainer. So in the Pokémon world, I’d be a dog training gym leader. But I also love the legends of Pokémon, so I’d also be a Legendary hunter. Because of this, I think I’d most likely be the 8th and final gym leader of the region. I’m leaning towards final gym leader.

To battle me, you’d have to come find me first. I don’t just sit in my gym waiting for battlers. I’d be hanging out where the legendary Pokémon of this game are found the Slumbering Weald. You’d have to not get lost in the misty forest to find me studying the ancient texts written on the stone. Next to me is my boltund doing agility tricks through the near by rocks.

When you arrive my barking dog will get my attention. I come up to you and apologize for not being at my gym today. I’m there often training my dogs, but today I had some research to do on the legendary Pokémon. I assure you I’ll fly right back to my gym and meet you there for your battle.

So then you’ll have to follow me there and start your gym challenge. Of course, if you’ve played any Pokémon game, you know you also have to get through a puzzle to get to me. I’d do a very Zelda like puzzle because I love the legend of Zelda, but it won’t look like it at first. My gym has a grass floor and many dog jumping bars, running tunnels, and other dog agility items scattered around blocking your way. To reach me, you’ll have to get through them by using the different dog Pokémon around. You’ll have to battle each one to ‘train’ them to help you through this puzzle. The Pokémon you’ll have train will be mightyena, stoutland, arcanine, and boltunds. You’ll need mightyena to dig around walls, boltund to activate electrical panels, arcanine to burn away blockades, and Stoutland to race and jump through obstacles, and lycanroc to help you move large bolders.

But you’ll get passed all those and beat all my gym trainers that will be classed as Dog Trainers, nothing fancy. They will have Bolthouse, houndoom, stoutlands, mightyena, and arcanine.

Then you’ll get to face me and my team. I’ll tell you I’m obsessed with studying the myths and lore around Legendary Pokémon and have made it my life’s mission to master all their stories and catch all of the legendary Pokémon. But when I’m not on those hunts, I’m all about dog training the many different dog breeds in the Pokémon world. Let’s see if you can out class my show ready dog team. Then the battle will begin. And this is my team.

But of course, you’ll beat me and I’ll give you the Dog Trainer badge! The badge is in the shape of a running Zacian with a sword in its mouth. I’ll invite you to join me in a dog show and legendary hunt when you finally beat the champion, and I’ll send you off on the next leg of your journey.

Do you like this kind of thing? Do you want to see more of it? I get enough likes or shares I'll expand on the gym and move sets of my team and why I picked them. Post a picture of the team you’d use to beat me and why and share them to @CharityMaeWrits on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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