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"Let's Go Fast!" A Sonic Movie Review

“Let’s go fast!” A term the film makes for the new Sonic movie took to heart. Sonic is a sweet, simple movie with a cute message and actually did a great job themeing itself around what it means to “let’s go fast” with its plot points, dialogue, and the changes the character undergo. It really answers the question what does it mean to live life fast.

I’ll try not to spoil the movie as much as I can, but there maybe some spoilers. And if you’ve seen the film, hopefully it helps you appreciate it a little more. At first, it does seem like backwoods boy finds alien creature and has to run from government basic plot. And it is, but it’s also a bit deeper than that. There’s a lesson about what it means to take your time with your life and yet live it to the fullest, to the fastest.

It’s in the goals that Sonic goes through in the story. About a quarter way through the movie, Sonic is introduced to the idea of having bucket list he wants to finish before he has to leave earth. And this holds the theme throughout the story, to reach your goals, live life to the fastest and fullest, but also not lose sight of the why that’s important.

It’s even well contrasted in the villain Dr. Robotnik… I think that’s his name. I just know him as egg man. His character rejects people and lives for robots. He is so smart he finds all people beneath him and lives only to live out his brilliant plans. He loses the value of his henchmen who does really seem to care for him. I really felt bad for… I think his name was Mr. Stone. Sonic wanting to be close to people, not be lonely, and live life to the fullest or fastest contrasts nicely with the rude and selfish slow and methodical Egg man.

And of course Jim Carry does a great job making the insane egg man fun, silly, crazy character you truly love to hate but also kind of cheer for because he makes you smile and laugh and you don’t want him to go yet. You have to stick around so we can tease you!

I also liked the actor they had play Tom. I don’t know his name, but it really was a great performance I enjoyed. He did a good job balancing the farm boy dreamer with a normal guy so we didn’t feel like he was just a village cop, but there was more to him. Also the actress who played his wife did a great job too. They made a normal modern family that felt great, real and connected well for the plot and story. I loved how they played off each other as a happy couple.

All in all, about a 6-7ish/10. It wasn’t a favorite, and I’d not run out to buy it, but if it was a good sale I might pick up and enjoy it. I’m ore likely to give it as a gift to someone I know would like it, but in all, a fun movie that had a great theme that held it together. Rare for these kinds of movies, so it made me like it just a little bit more.


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