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Kiss of the Spindle

Sleeping Beauty, a classic fairytale done over and over, but I doubt you've seen one quite like this. This book sets up an interconnected universe of fairytale steampunk retellings that is really fun. There are two more in this series already, and I highly recommend all of them if you like fairytales, paranormal, romance, or are a casual steampunk fan. The steampunk elements are not major in this tale, but a key element.

If you read any of the other books in this series, you'll really enjoy that the same characters are appearing throughout though only as cameo style mentioned, but their relations take front and center. Lucy Pickett was the heroine of our last book. Her brother is our prince charming in this series. And I love that! The whole series plays off of this so far that I've read, and I'm into this kind of awkward Avengers-style mentioned universe. So we always feel a connection to brand new characters from ones we met before.

This retelling has a unique twist that it's not just sleeping for 100 years, every night she's caused to sleep as if dead, and if she does not find a cure in time, it will become permanent. Most of the story takes place on the airship they use to reach the place where the witch who cursed our heroine, Isla, is said to be. The main tension is David Pickett learning her secret and her trying to hide it and how their romance blossoms around it.

It's really hard not to say more without spoiling, so I'll wrap up by saying if you like hate-to-love relationships, then you'll like this one. This story is full of the same paranormal, government tension, romantic tension, steampunk magic, and fairytale twists that the other books in this series have. Isla is a great strong heroine and David Pickett brings the same spunk we loved from his sister in the last book, but also this book stands alone beautiful. I highly recommend it. Get your copy below.


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