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Keeping Your Notes Organized

It's back to school time! Can you believe it? With all that's happening in the world, it doesn't seem real for school to be back, and likely still not back to normal. But with that in mind, I thought to help all of you who are returning back to school, no matter if it's high school, college, graduate school, or whatever it might be, that I'd share my top 3 tips for keeping your notes organized that I've learned from my years as a student and author.

1. Keep a master sheet with you: So this can take many forms. I use a paper day planner that's about the size of my phone that I keep on me at all times. Then when inspiration strikes or the teacher says something important, I can write it down. I'll link a few i personally like down below. But for an author most of all, having this be on paper helps it not get lost.

2. Mix and match electronic and written: This is mostly for teachers who are picky about no laptops or tablets. There aren't many left I've heard, but it still is a think. Most of all for online learning, you can copy and paste a lot of notes. But handwriting, even if you can't read it, helps it keep in your head. You then transcribe your handwritten notes into the computer along with the screenshots and copy and paste notes you have. The programs that help best with this are listed below, some free some paid. Evernote is the best!

3. Calendars where you can see them: this may be silly to some. Like... who has a wall calendar anymore? You should! You should have one in your main study/writing area, and one in your kitchen that you write things on. It helps keep due dates in your mind, deadlines and goal markers easy to see. It's a small thing but makes a huge difference. Also, make it fun, I like to get ones that make me smile. So you can get some of my favorites down below, or you can even print out your google or Microsoft or whatever app calendar you use.

Or just do a search for something you like, dogs, cats, video games, books, movies, you can find almost every popular franchise has a wall calendar for the year.

And those are my top 3 tips. I have a lot more, but if you follow those three, you'll have your notes pretty well organized and ready for your worldbuilding, class studies, or next new york best seller in no time. Share your tips in the comments below and tell me which wall calendar you picked.


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