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Independence Day 2020

Independence Day isn’t just about celebrating the freedoms of the past.

Though there are victories to celebrate. The fact we can have the protests we see today is a testament to that. But it is also about reflecting on what’s currently happening. What is still not right and needs to be fixed. Even if you are not the happiest with this nation right now, you have reason to celebrate.

Because there is the ability to change it. We the people, have the chance to change it. It won’t be easy, and it sure takes a long time, but it’s possible. And that, to me, my whole life, has been what this holiday is truly about.

So even if you are not feeling love for this government (do any of us right now?), remember Independence Day is not about the government. It is about the people. It’s about you having the power to change things. So even if you are struggling, no matter why you’re struggling, take this holiday to celebrate you! Not your government, not the state of things now, but the fact that you are free to work towards a change. Spend the day how you feel, relaxing and celebrating, or perhaps you’ll join us on another protest. But make sure to use the day how you want to and celebrate your independence.

I adore you all and have a happy Independence Day!


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