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How Soon is Too Soon for Holidays?

Happy Halloween! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Whatever triggers you!

Just kidding, but seriously, I feel like holidays are already creeping into my life sooner and sooner every year. Perhaps it’s because I’m a writer who sells my own books so I’m already making plans for holiday sales to be sure I get some good dough out of this holiday season. Maybe it’s that I love holiday music so I’m already eyeing my Halloween playlist. (I will never confirm nor deny if I’ve already listened to it a dozen times or not. Guess correct you get a free eBook.)

But it got me thinking, how soon is too soon to start thinking about the holidays? I did musical theater and ballet most of my life. Christmas music started after Halloween, so we had a month to work on it before performing at the start of December.

Halloween starts the holiday season though (You disagree? Fight me on social media or in the comments. I’m ready for you!). Meaning my holiday starts mid-September when I have to decide what to be for Halloween so I can start sewing the pieces. I’ve always had them homemade for me growing up. My mother then taught me how to make the pieces myself. I’ve never known different.

What are you Halloween traditions? Tell me on social media or in the comments. If I get a comment on the blog and ten comments on any of my social media platforms, I’ll share a picture of me in my homemade costume.

Happy early, too soon holidays!


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