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How Custod Government Works

When you enter the Custod world, you find a world with a form of beliefs and government very different from our own. If you joined us in this world in The Custod Chronicles or are brand new from some of our latest series, this overview will help you understand the importance of this system in all the Custod world.

If you want to learn more about how it was formed check out this blog:

The Custod government at its center has a religious element. It is believed that the one who created the world designated this system of government, and when this system is in place, peace prevails more than when a form of government like monarchies from our world. This system has three basic parts:

The Three Heads

Potentates: Are the most well-known and most visible. These are those given the blood right to be rulers and governors. They are the only ones permitted to rule (though that does not always give them the right to rule). They are the kings, queens, grand dukes/duchess, and higher ruling classes, but many are members of court though being a Potentate is not a requirement for all government positions but does require a title of a certain class of nobility to attain. One can also become a Potentate through marriage and no matter if the person is male or female, they take on the name of Potentate upon marriage. Learn more in the What is a Potentate?

Custods: The second most well-known and the strictest branch is the Custods. Custods are born into the position and that gives them a unique power. Those who marry into the title are made Custods no matter if it’s a man or a woman who marries in, just like a Potentate. They are charged with defending the world from darkness. They are the enforcers when Potentates and Keepers are not following their duty, and most often when other Custods aren’t doing their duty. It is not uncommon to find one bad Custod being disinherited for not keeping the code deliberately. They are given unique strength, dexterity, and magic than most to fulfill this role. They start training to be fighters, negotiators, intermediaries, and even assassins from a very young age. In their code, they are to avoid being allied with any one nation for the common problem of having to stand between that nation and another if they go to war. Learn more about What is a Custod?

Keepers: The least well-known and the only one of the three you do not have to be born into or marry into. The Keepers are exactly what it sounds like. They keep the history, the memory, and the records of the other nations. Their main duty is to keep the histories and ensure the Potentates and Custods are following the codes given to them at the beginning. They are the ones who run the libraries, archives, and most of the religious buildings such as Sanctuaries and Devotional Halls. Though Potentates and Custods do have the authority to enact and run religious services, for the most part, the Keepers run these kinds of meetings. (Unless one happens to attend the services held at a castle, Custod training ground.) Learn More in What is a Keeper?

Working In Balance

These three heads work as a united team to keep peace and balance in the world.

The Potentates are the scepters and crowns. They handle more traditional government with ruling, handling court, making and enforcing local laws, and the like.

The Custods are the sword and shield. They are enforcers. They strive to make peace and be the shields for the world, even if that means taking the blow themselves. A fun what I like to think about it is they’re the Jedi of the Custod world.

The Keepers are the quill and pen. They record the history, remind the world of it, and ensure the letter of the laws and codes are followed.

All of the pieces come together to help them keep the world in balance the way the Creator intended and use the unique gifts each is given to ensure that is done. A unique balance and a blend of religion and government.

The Silent Fourth Piece

Though it is not often said or thought of, there is a critical fourth piece in this system: the people. The people are not at the mercy of the three ruling heads. In fact, the duty of the three is entire to the people, and there are checks in place to ensure that happens.

When a new ruler comes into power, or when a new heir to the throne is born or chosen, that person must be ratified by representatives of the people. The court is filled not with people the king or queen or even the other members of the court are found of. They are chosen by the people by popular vote of the area they represent. In smaller kingdoms where you can have the people directly vote themselves, this is done in place of representatives.

The people also keep the Custods in check. They respect Custods, but when a Custod is not acting in line, they rise up against them. And every time this has happened, the Custod in question loses all their power and is able to be overcome by the people and Potentate guard forces.

The Keepers are even more at the mercy of the people as their gifts do not provide them much means to overcome them if they abuse their rights. Though Keepers have the right to keep some information hidden by requiring certain tasks or payments to prevent Custod or Potentates from misusing the histories, no such rule is placed on the common people. And they can call upon Custod or Potentate aid to help them if needed in dealing with a corrupt Potentate.

Keeping the Balance

It is not just the people that help keep the three heads in check. As mentioned, the people have their checks but so do the other heads.

Potentate Checks

The Potentate head is the one most feared of becoming corrupt. Therefore, it has the most checks. The Custods' biggest duty is to keep Potentates from abusing their power or from causing harm to the people with their disagreements. Custods' biggest goal is to end wars or to fight them so as few of the common people have to be involved as possible.

When war breaks out between nations, the Custod will side with the kingdom that they believe is in the wrong. History will attest they are not always right, but if you can trick the Custods into being on your side, that nation has a higher chance of winning. Therefore Potentates find it highly important to stay on the Custods good side, and Custod try hard not to be attached to any one nation or set of rulers.

Keeper Checks

This group is the easiest to keep in check. The Custods, as the enforcers, mainly keep this one in line. Most commonly when a Keeper is not staying to his duties or abusing them, Custods come to remove them from office though the people have the power as well. Recall Keepers are not born, they are trained by other Keepers and ratified by the people which is a check within itself. They also must be approved by the ruling Potentate to work as an official keep of any town, city, or kingdom within their realm.

Custod Checks

The Custods are the hardest to keep in check. They are the main enforcers and therefore are the main check for all the others, but that doesn’t mean they are without checks at all. But these are less enforced by the other heads and more by themselves. The Head Custod has to keep a close eye on the others to keep everyone in balance, and when one Custod pushes the limit being disinherited and losing all their powers is tragic and painful but happens more than it does with any other head. For more on their unique checks see: The Custod Code: The Organization of the Custod Family.

A World At Peace

Though the Custod world is by no means perfect or has peace at all times, that’s the duty of these three groups that provide the structure and government to this magical world. If you enjoyed it, please like and share, and follow me on social media for more, or follow my YouTube to enjoy video versions of this content.


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