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Half Way 2021 Update

Thank you all for your patience if you are one of the special few who read my e-mails every week, I had a wild month and decided to take a month off from the blog and e-mails to pause and reflect on what's next, and I have a lot of goals and plans I'm really excited to announce. So without further ado, here's what's coming up in the near...ish future?

  1. I finished the first draft of my next series. Yeah, not just the first book, but the whole thing! All three books. I am trying a new way of creating content for you all faster, and I'm hopeful it will work. Still working on a release date for the first one because of course, I have a few more drafts and editors to go through.

  2. Building a Youtube channel. I've been teasing this one for a while I know, but we finally have a tentative first post day, 20 videos planned, scripts are in progress, and should be done soon. Look out for the channel launch this summer. We'll be doing two. One that focused on writing, worldbuilding, and lore theories. A second that will be all about gaming, theories, playthroughs, and more. Which are you most looking forward to?

  3. A better sharing system. Making it so the content you see on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is more interesting and more fun for me too. Our team spends a lot on time trying to make our social media fun for you all, and now it's time to up our game. Most of all with all our new friends joining us. (Welcome by the way

And that's the update for this week. Thank you again for hanging on with me, and see you in the Newsletter, social media, and more!


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