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Burning. Reviews and Theories

Burning has been out for over a week, and I have gotten some great feedback, reviews, and even questions about if some theories are correct or not.

So though I won't reveal any juicy hidden secrets, I wanted to share some highlights of what I got and heard.


"I really love the characters and their strong characterizations and their interactions with the others."

"Haha I love Aleph"

"I loved these scenes! They are super cute and really help establish each character's personality as we see them interacting together. You're very very good that! It's so fun to read!"

"My heart is melting."


Heklis is a drama teacher from our world going nuts acting out his 'show'. (Personal favorite)

Emmerick is a double agent.

I won't go over them all, but lots of questions about who is Cedrick's father.

Cedrick is going to adopt Aleph.

And these are just a collection of my favorites so far! Post yours on Amazon, social media, or in the comments below to share what theories, reactions, and reviews you have.


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