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Ashes: Book Club Questions

If you're looking to do a book club meeting using Ashes as your book you're in luck! We have some question starters you can use. These try to be more book-specific than ones you may find on a general board. If you have suggestions on questions to add please send them to me on Twitter @CharityMaeWrits or DM me on Facebook or Instagram.

  1. Now we're at the final book, we see a pattern of Rising, Burning, Ashes. Why do you think these are the titles?

  2. As the series progressed, we see the phoenix slowly transform. Why is this significant?

  3. The plot gets much darker at this point in the series. Does it make the themes of Burning make more sense?

  4. Elphacena takes front and center partway through the story. Has her character arch shown her growing for the better or the worse?

  5. Trust and faith in difficult times is addressed in much more depth in this final chapter. Considering the times the book was released (May 5, 2021) what does that tell you about those themes?

  6. Aleph's fate came as a surprise to many readers. Why was it needed?

  7. By the beginning of this book, all three of the Custod children are married. Why do you think the author chose to do that? How does it tie into the themes?

  8. Malachi and Aleph are similar and yet very different. Discuss how these differences impact the overall plot. Why was Malachi pivitol?

  9. At the end of the book, our hero has some surprise abilities. How does that impact the concept of hard or soft magic in the story?

  10. After reading the epilogue, what do you think our hero's fate will be moving forward?

  11. (Bonus) If you could as the author one question, what would it be? (And guess what, you can! Send me your questions on my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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