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Alexander Hamilton: A Modern David Musical

Hamilton is the 1776 of our day. If ou didn’t know, 1776 is a musical written about the writing and signing of the declaration of independence and when it came out and inspired an interest in American history just like Hamilton did. Though Hamilton takes this to a new amazing level and it oculd well be argued did a better job. This musical has many stunning, great elements to it, but to me, it’s the sad truth of the story of Alexander Hamilton.

It’s most brilliant point, apart from the great music, is that it did not try to hide the failings of the founding fathers of any of its characters. They embellished a little on how firmly against slavery Hamilton was. Now, we don’t know if he was this opposed, but if so he was not very vocal about it in his writing or in speaking, but much like Thomas Jefferson himself, he seemed opposed to slavery but knew that fight would split the north and the south, and a new nation was too young to be able to build a foundation split apart.

But that is even only a slight difference from what history shows and what the play portrays, and frankly that’s so small it’s not even really much of something to complain about, most of all when we really need more figures like this, most of all in the public mind. And for a story like this, that being the only problem is showing this musical.

So though it is painful to watch Alexander Hamilton’s fall, it is important to the character and it is something that really happened. It is on pair with the power of the story about King David, watch him rise, wasn’t in the right place, and it ruined his whole life in a weak moment. And we have a beautiful modern day, true story telling. And that is the best part of Hamilton to me. And I think that’s what appeals to most people. Modern songs, modern actors, mostly honest portrayals of characters and points of view with artistic license, to make the story similar and easier to tell, and a tragic hero akin to King David. This is my favorite part of the beauty of this tale. What part did you like best?


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