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Actors Who Would Make a Great Cedrick Custod for Halloween

I love Halloween! I was looking for fun Halloween post ideas and started looking at ideas to share who everyone from The Custodian Chronicles would be for Halloween, but then I thought of a second fun idea. What actors should dress up as Cedrick, because they could play him.

Now a lot of these are kind of 'out of date'. Most of them are too old to play Cedrick anymore, but here are five actors who could play Cedrick. At least in looks.

1. Tom Welling

Like most of these actors, they are a bit too old, but his performance as Clark Kent in the series Smallville really reminds me of Cedrick, the farm boy, stupid heroism, and charming smile.

2. James Marsden

He has all the key things, the charming smile, the kind of messy hair, and innocent charm.

3. David Giuntoli

Surely a darker version of Cedrick more fitting of books 2 and 3, but he has the dark look, warm smile, and silly charms.

4. James Franco

This is mostly his smile. James Franco has the big charming Cedrick smile and showed his charm ability in The Great and Powerful Oz, making me think 'that's Cedrick' a few times during the film.

5. Tom Holland

He's got the stupid lucky charm for sure! But he gets the bottom of the list for this reason.

And a bonus one from a movie I only just watched, a young Cedrick can be. Harry Collett. Who knows, maybe he'll be old enough if we get to make a film.

But who would you pick play Cedrick? Do you have any Cedrick cosplay? I'd LOVE to see it. Share on social media or in the comments (if they're still there :'D)


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