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A Start of Something New

Greetings Sweet Readers,

Today I wanted to share something I just doodled down the other day. I'm thinking of building it into a new project. Take a read and tell me what you think. (Disclaimer, nothing here is final or frankly edited)

"When I saw this fight coming, I honestly thought it would be him up on top of this precious rock top, jumping from ledge to ledge, being tossed up and down by the mining equipment, but I’d be wrong; it was me.

I always had wanted more that this provincial life. Not that my family wasn’t great, or our village that bad (other than being dull and provincial). Mother and father were the best cooks and bakers the kingdom had ever seen, and I enjoyed working about the place (even if the queen seemed to always hate me and make sure I got the worst jobs possible.) It was just such a dull life with nothing new or exciting.

People thought palace life was the best thing ever, adventurous and exciting. Only if village gossip is your idea of adventure. I couldn’t stand the idea at all, and I thought I’d go mad with one more story of pregnant chambermaids, unfaithful nobles, and lazy servants being beaten. It was the same thing day after day, and nothing about it showed any air of excitement.

I was so bored once I’d debated being cruel to people just to shake things up, see if it made life more exciting, but then I remembered how fairies seem to choose those times to be around and cause extra adventure (You know cursing mean people and blessing nice people). I didn’t want to jynx fate so decided gains that. Plus, changing your core nature isn’t easy, and at heart I like people; I just think their often as dull as a bunch of apples – someone needed to come along and make and apple pie of them or no joy would be had.

But then my life changed, and I was so very glad it did. I never thought my adventure would be this grand. Frankly, I’d have been content with an adventure as small as saving a local lord by uncovering and evil plot or solving the mystery of stole jewels or something, but this adventure was bigger than that. How? Guess you’ll just have to read to see."

What did you think? Should I build it into a full story?


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