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A "Ship" for Valentines Day

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day! I wanted to talk about a ship that is near and dear to my heart for the holiday. But first, let me tell you a funny story about me.

All my friends call me a living Disney Princess. There’s a gentleman who only will call me princess and asks me to do the “Princess eye thing”. He means he wants me to roll my eyes at him. And he laughs and declares I’m a living Disney princess every time I do it. I won’t deny I rather like it, but lately it’s not been so fun. I get teased along these lines about what great valentine’s day this princess is going on. And honestly all, I’m not. I’m single with no chance of getting a date the by.

People are honestly surprised by that answer. They ask why not. Though it’s not really the reason, I always answer with it’s because of which princess I am. They ask who that is, and I proudly sate I am:


Yes. She is not a princess. She’s the Queen of Arendelle. (Sort of). I’m not discussing the oddness that Frozen 2 has made in this blog post today. I am however, here to talk about the power of a character such as Elsa in the Disney Princess (if only fan made) system.

And it’s not just that she’s single. In fact, Merida is an offical Disney princess who is also single. Elsa’s power lies in two things more than that.

1. She’s an older single woman. She’s not a child. She’s my age in Frozen 2. For her culture, that’s crazy to still be single! Yet look at her! She’s happy, powerful, and ready to dream and take on the world!

2. She doesn’t show signs of not wanting to be married. She isn’t anti-marriage, but she isn’t for it either. She’s just enjoying her life and waiting to see what happens. Which gives her amazing power for the fandom.

And though Disney has made it clear they will not give Elsa an offical ship, that gives Elsa lot of power in the fandom of Disney fans. It is empowering to be able to have a Disney character you can ship with whoever you want. I even noticed Disney gave us several characters to play with no matter how you love. You can go with the sweet boy in the village, you can pick the girl if you go that way. You can even enjoy Jelsa if you want!

And that is powerful. Never underestimate the power the fandom gets in creating a character. Most of all a character like Elsa who single handled shaped Frozen for a generation not from the film’s actual content, but from what the fans made her to be. And that is something to be celebrated not torn down.

So for Valentines, I want to proudly say I’m Elsa and give pat on the back for all the other Elsa’s out there this Valentine’s day. So to you Anna’s and Elsa’s out there, Happy Valentines day!


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