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A History of Kingdoms that Lived and Died in Heklis's Reign

As Cedrick branches into the world more and more, he’s learning about local politics. In Heklis’s take over, only three kingdoms kept their borders. Heklis’s kingdom, Englaria and Spearim. But before, there were many kingdoms dotting the region. Each one is unique and had a special place in the world order.

Englaria: Englaria is a unique kingdom with people with an accent you or I might call an English accent. Their kingdom is known for their amazing crop of teas, vegetables, and unique flowers. Their people are known for their accent and fair complexion and hair.

Spearim: Spearim is also in plentiful land. They are well known for their fruits, tropical flowers, and beautiful coastline. They are known for more tanned skin, dark hair, and a trill to their accent. Cedrick’s mother Eldalane was a lady from Spearim.

Grameria: This is the third kingdom whose name survived Heklis’s purge thanks to their king trading his power over to Heklis. He now is the king of most of the known world. They used to just have the middle section of the map, west of the harvest lands, north of the Dwarves’ lands and their allies but south of Darumia. They were known for their history and being the first kingdom ruled and formed by the Potentate and Custod line.

Darumia: The first kingdom to vanish in Heklis’s purge thanks to the darkmen that live in dark mountain. The darkmen aligned with Heklis enough to allow them the freedom to kill over half of the people od Darumia and assassinate their royal family so Heklis’s puppet king could rule it. Before, they were known for their beautiful people and art. Their dark skin and coiled hair were deemed the high of beauty in its day. Airabelle’s family hales from these people. Their art and music was second to none with beautiful beats and dances.

Nero: Nero was the second kingdom to fall to Heklis. Nero was known for its explores. The population was small and most hailed from eastern islands, much like the first people to settle Darumia, but their people vary in their appearance more, being pale or dark-skinned, but most share slanted eyes that were the envy of many ladies before Heklis’s rule.


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