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5 Eye Catch Book Covers to Tickle Your Fancy

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. But heck, we all do! In a world of small images on phone screen, it’s all we have time to judge it by. If the cover catches our eye then we look deeper, but the cover has to catch us first.

But what makes a book cover catch you eye? Tell me in the comments and I’ll show you the top five books covers that catch my eye and why.

1. The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nelson – This cover is one of my favorites. I like it because it’s simple yet has enough elements to draw my attention to the genre and why it’s key to the story. The crown sets up the fantasy/medieval time period along with the sword. It also is smooth and clean. Clean from clutter is a big deal for me. Also using elements from the book to create it. The sword is important to the story and the broken crown shows us the struggle to repair a broken kingdom right off. Making it one of, if not my number one, favorite book cover.

2. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – Hunger Games has the same idea as the last one with the clean and simple but this one takes it further with one symbol that stands for the book and evolves over time. Even the movies that added an extra book built onto this idea. The Mockingjay changes as the story progresses just like Katniss, and I love that the logo is used as a mark of the story in other places too. I’m a sucker for that kind for branding.

3. Michael Vey by Richard Paul Evans – This is way different from my last picks, and here is why this series even makes it on the list. I like the use of color themeing each one in the series, and even more the shadow outline. I am not a big fan of people on the cover only because I then feel bound to think that’s how the character looks, but here they use people but also still leave most of us up to our imaginations. And that appeals to me. Making it right in the middle of these book cover choices.

4. Fairytale Steampunk – More people which I don’t like, but these covers catch my attention online and in bookstores right away. Why? Because once I see that design, the band at the top, faded gears over a London skyline, and a man and women dressed like that in that lay out I know it’s one of Nancy Campbell Allen’s works, and I know I like her fairytale steampunk series. So though I don’t like much else about it, for a list where I talk about my top five eye catching covers, this had to go on there because her books always do. I just found out she’s got a third one coming out because I could recognize her style of cover from a line up of twenty new books coming out on a blog post image. If that isn’t good brand recognition, I don’t know what is.

5. My two books – Yes, you may say I’m biased, but this one did make bottom of the list. These I love because it uses most of the elements I liked before. No people, one symbol we know well but morphs over time, it’s clean and simple, and if I saw it across the room, I know it belongs to so-and-so author. It just mixes everything I love together (why I approved them).

Now you know what makes a cover stand out to me. What makes a cover stand out to you, and why? Tell me on Twitter and in the comments below.


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