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3 Look Alike Books. Prove Me Wrong and Win a Free Book!

You know what I find the hardest part of marketing my books? Finding books like mine! Oh my goodness, you’d think it would be easy, but it’s not.

But not for you! I’m betting you have some pretty good books you feel like are a lot my The Custod Chronicles. Let me tell you some I think are close, and why I feel like they’re not quite in the same boat. You tell me why you agree or disagree in the comments here or on any of my social media channels to enter a chance to win a free copy of The Custod Chronicles Burning when it’s released.

So here are three series I feel are close but still not quite right. Tell me if you agree or disagree.

1. Harry Potter – First of all, I just don’t like comparing it because everyone wants to be the next Harry Potter, but they are similar in a few ways. 1. The main characters are chosen one boys with too much of a smart mouth. 2. Fantasy that grows with you. 3. Deals with relationships in growing up and coping with death. 4. The main cute couples are redheaded and have black hair. (Look I got a smile!)

But that’s not enough for me to feel it, and here are my reasons why. 1. The style of storytelling is different. CC is more high fantasy like Lord of the Rings than a schoolboy story like Harry Potter. 2. The themes are more adult from the start as it doesn’t span as wide of a book span (three books vs seven). 3. Dealing with war and more moral issues that come with it are a theme in CC lacking in Harry Potter.

But what do you think? Enough that you’d say any Harry Potter fans should read The Custod Chronicles and would for sure enjoy it?

2. The Chronicles of Narnia – Another big headliner, which annoys me too, but here there are much bigger gaps. So I’m starting with differences this time. 1. The themes are much more adult and less ‘soft’ in CC vs The Chronicles of Narnia by a long shot. 2. The Chronicles of Narnia is more plot-driven than character, unlike The Custod Chronicles which is quite character driven.

But they do share a few things. 1. They both deal with world-building showing how our world and other worlds are the same in their religion, creation, and political systems. 2. The war themes are more similar.

3. Inheritance Cycle (Eragon Series) – Yes, this is kind of closer than the others, but once again, big headliner that I’m not a big fan of (I’ve not been able to reread any of the books.), and there are issues here that make me unsure. They do share a few things. 1. They share an epic fantasy style of story. 2. They are character-driven vs plot-driven. 3. Daddy problems, all the daddy problems.

But they are different in several respects. 1. Cedrick doesn’t have a big dragon thing going on. 2. The style of writing is very different. Eragon is more like Tolkien in its style, and The Custod Chronicles is much more casual. 3. The Custod Chronicles doesn’t just tease romances it goes into them.

But those are the only three I could think of. I bet you know better matches or disagree with me and think these books are better matches than I see. I am so close to these stories. Am I missing the forest for the trees?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments, on social media, or even in an e-mail. Each place is another entry win yourself a free copy of The Custod Chronicles Burning on release day. Tell me your thoughts and good luck!


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