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3 Authors Who Tell Us We Can

Being a professional fiction writer is not easy. It’s a struggle, and for many of us we have to reply on one another to get through it. Today, I wanted to give a loving shout out to three amazing authors who have inspired me to know I can make it and love it.

1. Jennifer A. Nelsen – Her books are a lot like the things I’d like to write. She has a background that reminds me of my own and seeing her works on the shelf and knowing she is making her writing work reminds me I can do it too, as well as helping me fine tune my works and of course I just enjoy her books.

2. Jenni James – I knew I wanted to be a writer no matter what, but pinning down what style I wanted and genre to start to work in was hard. But I’ve always loved fairytales and wondered if I could really make it doing that kind of writing n the market. Seeing Jenni James’s work on Amazon and my local library changed my mind. She does pure retellings in today’s world and makes decent money doing it. If she can do it, so can I. Thanks for the social media reminds every week.

3. Nancy Campbell Allen – My second struggle with wanting to write this brand was I do not want to be a roman writer, at least, not in the primary sense. I do like romance inside my other ones, but always secondary. Jenni James shows me fairytales work, but she also writes romance point of view mainly, but not my girl Nancy! She writes great works that are dark, deep, and still have the beauty and wonder of a fairytale. She makes a good enough living off it and has the kind of success that makes me long for her level of work.

Which authors do you admire and why? Share on Twitter, Facebook, and in the comments below.


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