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20 Remaining Contestants of The Enthronement

At the start of The Conviction, we’ve gone from fifty girls to twenty, that’s down by half! Which is crazy! Though there’s a good chance the eliminations slow down as the girls with the skills to hold on are left.

Let’s review who is left and recap who they are and how they’ve hung in the Enthronement game this long:

Princess Rose (Chosen 1)

No one is surprised the king and queen’s first choice is still in the race. As high princess of Emilimoh, the direct heir and descendant of the first new Potentate King Roxorim Custod Potentate, she’s been born and breed for her role as princess and future queen. She’s had no trouble with the tests thus far, however her patience with the bickering of the other girls is starting to drive her crazy. Perhaps that impatience will be what knocks her out of the Enthronement. The prince has nicknamed her his Swan, but what that means remains to be seen.

Princess Amapola (Chosen 2)

Yet another non-surprise. Princess Amapola is graceful and passionate and well-raised for her role as princess. Though she’s not her kingdom’s crown princess, she’s more than up for the task of ruling queen. It’s likely her passion and playfulness with Prince Gavril that keeps her in favor in addition to her perfect princess manner that helps her keep passing each test. Though she finds the bickering and fighting of the other girls more amusing than Princess Rose.

Princess Laurina (Chosen 4)

Many thought her bold and independent nature may have eliminated her before some of the other born princesses who were sent home, but as Princess Neeraja left for fear of rebel attacks, perhaps it’s her confidence and strength that has helped her get so far. She’s the least stressed about winning or proving herself out of the born princesses left and is the most likely to get caught up in the bickering of the other ladies in the Enthronement.

Princess Zelda (Chosen 6)

Now she’s come so far, many wonder why she was the bottom of the born princesses in her chosen number. She gets along with the prince better than most and like Princess Laurina, she’s not at all bothered by the competition though she does not want to get caught up in it. She will defend the other girls. But she’s questioning more of what she wants in this game rather than just caring about winning or losing. She sees this is about more than a competition which helps her enjoy the experience and do well in it far beyond the others.

Lady Bella (Chosen 8)

Now the top non-princess in the line-up, Bella is thriving in the Enthronement environment. She’s made friends with most of the girls but isn’t afraid to stand up for herself or others when the coemption and arguments escalate. She doesn’t boast of her successes with Prince Gavril, but perhaps there is more going on between them than others suspect.

Lady Dahlia (Chosen 9)

The captain of the national sparkle ball team is doing surprisingly well in this world of elite ladies. She’s mastered the elegance of ladyship and devours her ladyship lessons to prove she can do the work better than anyone. She still tries to keep score with the others though some changes make it hard. She holds to her place with pure talent and determination. She’ll do whatever it takes to win and everyone knows it.

Lady Jonquil (Chosen 10)

Jonquil has gone from an unknown name in the Enthronement to one of the people’s most-watched rising stars. No one is quite sure how she’s suddenly become a top contender. She is sweet and caring like a princess should be and she is a good listener. Perhaps it’s that she keeps so close of an eye on the press to see how her people are reacting to the Enthronement. But she’s one of the friendliest and most well-liked girls left and how she’ll do pressing forward as the press watching. The prince has taken to calling her bug.

Lady Lilly (Chosen 11)

It’s no surprise Lady Lilly has made it this far. Her quiet and humble nature and sweet air has made her one of the most liked contestants though perhaps she is too soft and sweet for such a harsh job as running a warring nation like Purerah. She is the one most intimidated by the more competitive girls, but her friends help keep her going even though she’s certainly become more nervous in this game. The prince calls her his sweet kit.

Lady Kascia (Chosen 12)

Another girl no one is surprised is still around. Kascia excels at handling the press and the rumors of her being one of Prince Gavril’s top picks has kept everyone eyeing her as the girl to beat. Though since the latest rebel attack, the pressure of the other girls has started to make her unsure of how she’ll fair pressing forward. Being seen as the front runner cannot be easy when the press have made it clear who their favorite interviewee is.

Lady Azaela (Chosen 13)

The last of the top ten in the Enthronement. Azalea’s motherly nature and kind heart have carried her this far. She is the peacemaker in the group. This might just give her the edge to pull off the win. A kingdom fighting itself like spoiled children just may need their mother queen. This compassion and care for the others as well as her mastery of the ladyship skills being taught as set her up well in the top ten candidates.

Lady Ericka (Chosen 14)

Lady Ericka has the skills of princesship. She is bubbly and warm and that makes a lot of people like her, but she has little patience for those who don’t. She has what she needs to handle a fussy court, but is she more than just a pretty face who can handle the press? The fact she’s still in the game may prove she’s more than she seems. The prince calls her albatross.

Lady Forsythia (Chosen 15)

The horse jumping champion has proved she has more than just skills with animals. She has people skills that has helped her rise above the competition. She has quite charmed Prince Gavril according to rumor, and the other girls give her a jealous glare when she passes by quite often. But she as the confidence of a queen and little shakes her calm and pleased demeanor. The prince calls her fox.

Lady Isla (Chosen 17)

Isla has kept well under the raider until now. Her shyness made most look her over, the other girls as well as the press. But having made it so far, it’s clear it’s her quiet faith, listening skills, and compassion that has helped her rise so far. She doesn’t stand up for herself when the other girls get competitive but that almost made her that much more of a threat as she doesn’t cave into it either. The prince calls her a dove.

Lady Kamala (Chosen 18)

Lady Kamala was sure she’d make it this far and keep going. Though her bold nature has made it hard for her to do well in her ladyship lessons, she has more under that exterior than meets the eye. She’s strong and confident which are skills a royal will need, but she’s also ready to pick a fight that might be her undoing. The prince refers to her as Magpie.

Lady Marigold (Chosen 20)

Marigold’s no-nonsense attitude has gotten her far. She is ready to take on and fight the battles needed to help her people and has a passion for them, but perhaps she is a tad too forceful. But that strength has carried her this far and perhaps will take her further.

Lady Nicholl (Chosen 23)

It’s her quick wit and eagerness to learn that has helped carry Lady Nicholl this far. Though the fact she’s excelled so far may have gone to her head. She’s already making plans on what she’d do to improve the kingdom and is not shaken by anyone telling her no or that she might be jumping the starter. She knows how to help her people thrive, and she’s going to make it happen and anyone who believes otherwise might as well quit now.

Lady Hawi (Chosen 24)

Her regal air has carried Lady Hawi far, but like her best friend Marigold, perhaps she’s grown a tad too bold and over confidant. She’s enjoying the life of a lady and is ready to finally live it up. She looks the part of princess in her dress and she’s slowly learning the skills of ladyship. She’s sure she’ll need them and is confident she’ll soon master them well enough to be declared the winner.

Lady Lark (Chosen 29)

Her culture and etiquette has helped her come far. Her passion for books, learning, and art has helped her bond with Prince Gavril, and many of the other girls. She has the culture of a queen but is it enough to win her a place in the Enthronement? She’s proud to be a lady and soon more and is determined to look perfect in every way to prove she’s worthy of it.

Lady Elice (Chosen 33)

Some wonder why she is still here when she dislikes all discipline of ladyship. But she does them well and follows her lessons properly. Her good posture and gate from fencing has helped her fill the role well, and she has a good head on her shoulders that helps her master many needed skills that has brought her this far.

Lady Florence (Chosen 37)

Another girl people thought a nobody when this all started but has proven she is worthy of a far higher number in the Enthronement. Her knowledge of the laws, passion for government, and true caring heart of a princess have brought her here. She’s grown in confidence since coming so far, and is determined to protect her people, the other girls, and her kingdom by becoming who they need her to be. The prince calls her doll.

And that is where we left off at the end of The Enthronement. Which ladies will remain by the end of The Conviction? Find out


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