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The Regent

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The game is won. The war has just begun. Will their love survive, or will their passion die?


Kascia struggles for air. She knew it would be a hard adjustment, but this is more than she’d bargained for. When a brand-new staff, unexpected wedding arrangements, and royal duties she'd never dreamed of cause Kascia to push Prince Gavril away, her secure position as the winner of the Enthronement is thrown into uncertainty.

Fighting to prove she is worthy of being a prophecy princess, Kascia confronts the pressures of planning a royal wedding, dangerous reporters, traitorous past contestants, greedy courtiers, and her darkest secrets coming to light.

Will their rocky romance finally align, or will their love bring their kingdom to its end?

The Regent is the fifth book in The Enthronement series where swoony romance meets palace intrigue in this young adult fantasy romance series.

If you love fantasy romance, royal intrigue, and love conquers all fairy tale retellings, click the buy now button to continue on the Enthronement adventure today.

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